Watch Out for Frost Damage in Your MN Yard This Winter

People in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area know cold like the back of their hands, but this winter has been especially punishing. This creates challenges to preserving and maintaining compelling exterior landscaping, making constant attention to conditions important to protecting your investment. Here are some areas to keep an eye on as the temperatures are subzero and snow continues to fall.

  • Frost is always a threat. The accumulation of snow creates natural stresses on leaves because snow is heavy, but it also provides insulation when it comes to the roots. Frost, on the other hand, permeates leaves, branches, and other plant structures and forms a brittle covering that can snap plants in two if the frost cracks.
  • Strong plants in the winter were healthy in the fall. Half the battle can be lost if plantings are already compromised when cold weather begins. The key is promoting strength, sometimes known as “hardening.” Ensuring that plants are moisturized and well-nourished will help build up “reserves” that they can draw on in times of stress.
  • No one approach guarantees success, so try a variety of techniques. Preventing injury during cold weather is complicated and not perfectly understood for any one type of plant, much less the wide variety of plant life that any home has.


Once the snow melts, it’s a good idea to take a walking tour of your property to inspect your trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Spring is a good time to help your landscape recover from winter damage, replace any plantings that succumbed to the cold, and take steps to reinforce the remainder.  The Minneapolis landscape design specialists here at Architectural Landscape Design  understand the effect of cold Minnesota weather on landscaping features. After the winter is over, contact us to assess the condition of your landscaping quickly so we can suggest remedial and preventative actions.

If you have questions about how to ensure your yard and garden will survive next winter, give us a call at (952) 292-7717 and we’ll be happy to talk you through your issues and options.