Under Deck Rooms And Custom Trim Work

These days, every crevice of space in our homes are running at a premium. The modern home dweller is now someone who realizes that all space, if given an intelligent play on design, can take on a new life of its own. The area under your deck, which is typically occupied by leaves, branches, and potentially litter, can be turned into a brand-new room in your home.

Under deck rooms, when combined with custom trim work, are more than just additional, previously unrealized space; under deck rooms can be home enhancements in luxury, storage, and even entertainment. Under deck rooms that utilize creative custom trim work can extend and enhance any home.

Under Deck Advantages

The underneath portion of a deck is typically a decent amount of unused space. Homeowners often realize advantages in finishing basements or converting garages into additional rooms but never consider the wasted area that lies just beneath their feet while they are grilling barbecue chicken on a hot summer’s day.

Because we typically disregard this space, it all too often left out of home upgrade conversations. However, the veiled spacing is usually a logical site for modern home enhancements.

One unrealized benefit to an under-deck room is the fact that the deck can serve as a functional roof. Another advantage is that the home’s side structure will serve as at least one wall (or more, depending on the design of the home). The deck’s ceiling effect combined with the home’s side structure can often help to offset extreme seasonal temperatures.

Under Deck Storage Rooms

Homeowners are often at a loss for storage space. Often, garages and extra bedrooms become unsightly havens for unused items. The underneath space of a deck can serve not just as an ordinary storage unit, but rather a modern, fancy storage unit that also features a workspace area for the craft-oriented.

Typically, homeowners use their garage as a place for storing old furniture or that college kid’s old (sentimental) high school yearbooks. The underneath of the deck offers the distinct advantage of keeping your cars safe from Minnesota’s harsh winters by not allowing the safe haven of our garage to become compromised with storage goods.

With the use of vinyl siding or even wood paneling, an under-deck storage room can enhance the home’s exterior as much as it can benefit the home’s functionality.

Under Deck Porches

I think we can all agree that Minnesota summers are some of the most beautiful in the world. However, it’s common knowledge that all that winter snowmelt can amount to a crop of new invasive bugs that look to ruin our limited seasonal outdoor enjoyment.

So why not make that wasted space under the deck an under deck screened in porch? The screen will have the obvious effect of protection from the enemy bugs, as well as the benefit of exposure to our gorgeous summer weather. You could choose to install a retractable or static screen, depending on whether or not you’d enjoy the option of occasionally opening the screen up to the elements.

Under Deck Dining Rooms

If you are the type of family who enjoys entertaining guests, an under-deck dining room might be the perfect play for that unused space below your deck. Beyond just adding in some custom trim work, you can install a modern lighting system, authentic lanterns, or even some torches inspired by Game of Thrones (just make sure you have all your guests drink from carafes similar to Cersei’s).


The underneath space of a deck doesn’t have to be a repulsive and hidden eyesore. With some modern interior trim work and a smidgen of ambition, you can make intelligent and sophisticated use of it. Your new modern storage space, or entertainment room, or even summer dining room, awaits. The ideas are up to you.