Top Reasons to Choose a Gas Fire Pit

Looking to jump into the latest trend in landscaping?  What’s literally really hot right now are fire pits.  Start your outdoor warmer season off right with the use of a fire pit in your yard. Enjoy those nice Minnesota nights sitting around low burning flames, having a drink and relaxing.

There are a number of options for fire pit fuel.  Here are the top reasons you should consider a gas fire pit over all others.

They can provide the homeowner with the luxuries of owning a fire pit, without having the hassle of cutting down or purchasing wood in order to keep the fire going. Unlike traditional fire pits, they are also able to be used virtually anywhere in the backyard, allowing you to move and use your entertainment space how you see fit.

  1. Do not wait to make or put out a fire. Gas fire pits can light up in as little as 5 seconds, and are able to go out just as fast.
  2. They are safe to use next to homes, and in areas where regular fire pits may not be permitted.
  3. Choose from a wide variety of designs and looks, so you can complement the look of your backyard.
  4. With a gas fire pit there is no mess, and it is a safer alternative to wood or briquettes. There are no embers or logs that can roll out of the fire. It is simple to use and everything stays within the pit’s limits.
  5. Many gas fire pits come designed as tables that can double as a place for entertainment or a place to put your snacks and drinks.
  6. You stay in control of the temperature and flame height. You can go as high or as small as you’d like to go.
  7. Look for one that is UL listed for safety, which is one of the most important aspects of owning a gas fire pit for your home.
  8. Change the entire look of the setting with glass gems or table covers that go around the fire pit. This provides endless options each time you want to change the look of your backyard area.

Here are even more reasons to choose a gas fire pit for your yard.

Allow Architectural Landscape Design, your Minneapolis landscape company to help you choose the best fire pit for your yard. We work with a company that offers multiple finishes and touches to choose from, while allowing you to feel warm, comfortable and relaxed within your backyard space.  And we can design that perfect outdoor living space around your fire pit as well.  Call us today for a free consultation.