Tips for Caring for Your LandscapeThis Spring

Though the recurring snows seem to indicate Mother Nature isn’t ready for spring yet, it’s been warm enough that the ground certainly is.  And spring means helping your yard to recover from the winter as well as the effects of last year.  The steps you take now can help your lawn to thrive for the rest of the year and ensure that it is healthy.  Here are some care tips:

– Walk around your yard and look for bare spots in the grass.  There may be areas that need to be re-seeded.  Add a fertilizer specifically formulated as a starter, but don’t apply any weed or crabgrass control until you’ve cut the new growth twice.

– Apply weed and crabgrass treatments to all other areas of your lawn.

– Your grass probably looks a little ragged, but resist the urge to cut off much at a time.  A good rule of thumb is never to cut more than one-third of the length; taking off too much at one time can over-stress the grass, dry it out, and make it susceptible to damage.

– This is a great time to mulch your flower beds – add about 3″-4″.  Don’t worry if plants haven’t emerged yet – they’ll come up through the mulch just fine, and applying it now before the ground dries out will help it retain moisture.  It’s much easier to apply mulch in one solid blanket than to try to work it among already-growing plants.  If plants have already emerged, be sure to gently pull the mulch away from their bases.

Some trees and shrubs should be pruned now, but be sure to check specific recommendations for each variety.  Untimely pruning could stunt growth or even prevent flowering.

– Remove any dead vegetation from plants you let stand over the winter to provide nourishment for your feathered visitors.  Again, check specific recommendations because certain perennials such as hydrangeas and berry bushes will flower on old wood.

– Replace bulbs in any low-voltage outdoor lighting.

Getting your yard cleaned up and refreshed as well as giving it the care it needs for the season ahead will help you to enjoy your yard in the seasons to come.  No time to do these yard chores yourself?  Spring yard maintenance is also available from ALD for our clients.