Three Winter Gardening Tips

With winter right around the corner, we wanted to share some gardening tips for snowy weather.

Gardening?  In the snow? 

If you live in an area where the weather becomes very snowy in the winter (as it does here in Minnesota), you may already know that this snow serves as a protective warming blanket for your perennials.  On the other hand, for some plants ice and snow may cause them damage as well as even kill them if you do not take care.

A surprising possibility that may allow you to cut your gardening time and cost is known as snow seed sowing.

Snow Protects While Frost Kills

If you have lived here in Minnesota very long, you know that snow does not come alone.  Frost is a very common effect in winter, and it can do more damage than snow.  Armed with this knowledge, you will want to take care of all  your plants that do not do very well in the frost and that may require some winter season protection.  Watch the temps – remember that most times the frost will hit much earlier than  snow itself.  But there are some perennials (as well as bulbs) that snow can actually be beneficial for, so there is no hurry to remove them from the ground.  Snow actually can act as an insulator to protect plants from winter damage.

When It Thaws, Snow Becomes an Issue

When the temperature outside begins to rise, this same snow that formed a protective cover can quickly become an issue that will take its toll on your shrubs as well as your evergreens.  Thawing snow is wet and heavy, so it can cause branches and even tree limbs to break if it builds up.  Enjoy the view in your snow-covered garden while it’s light and fluffy, but  take care and shake that snow off of the limbs before it becomes too heavy and starts damaging those beautiful plants.

Snow Seed Sowing

While most people think of starting seeds in a greenhouse in the spring, many varieties can actually be strewn on bare ground in the winter, waiting in a dormant state for the warm weather of spring to germinate.  This won’t work for annuals that are very tender or seeds that are large enough to be attractive as food for rodents.  Click here for specific information on winter seeding.

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