The Reasons You Should Buy a Gas Fire Pit Instead of a Wood Burning One

Was your yard a great place to relax this summer?  The fun isn’t over – we’ve got a great idea for fall that will help you extend your outdoor season.  You can enjoy your yard even on cool evenings with a little help from a fire pit.

When it comes to fire pits, you’ve got lots of options in terms of style, built-in vs. portable, material construction, etc.  The most important choice you need to make is whether your fire pit will burn gas or wood/charcoal.  Consider these things when it comes to choosing between either a gas or wood-burning pit and then make the selection that is best for you and your home.

The Benefits of a Gas Fire Pit

  • In less than 5 seconds, you are able to have the full burning capacity you’re in need of. You can then turn it off whenever you’d like. There is no flame to hassle with for either starting or stopping the fire.  And there are no embers to douse or coals to cover when you’re done.
  • They are safe to use right next to homes and legal for many communities where that wood burning pit may not be allowed.
  • Choose from many different styles, designs and burner sizes to fit the needs that you have.
  • No worrying about hot embers, wind or any extras that can cause serious harm. The gas pit is completely contained.
  • A gas fire pit is safe to use right next to the patio furniture that you have, up on the pool deck or even a wooden deck. Wherever your wood burning pit cannot go, the gas one can.
  • Some gas fire pits are designed similar to a table so you’re able to talk around it and use the sides for your drinks. Then cover up the burner area when you’d like to serve a meal on the same table.
  • Adjust the flame how you would like it to be. This provides you with the control you’re in need of for the temperature and height of the flame.  This can’t be done with a
  • Gas fire pits are UL listed for safety, so you can ensure that everyone is safe when they are around it.

If you’re considering adding a fire pit to your yard, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are a premier dealer for Outdoor Great Room Company’s extensive line of gas fire pits. But if your preference is for a wood-burning fire pit, we can  custom design and install one in your yard. For a little inspiration on fire pits, check out our Pinterest Outdoor Fire Elements board.