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Outdoor Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room Design Ideas

Imagine enjoying dinner outdoors on a warm Minnesota evening in the summertime. As the sun sets, you’re sipping after-dinner drinks on the patio while a fire twinkles in your outdoor fireplace. Wouldn’t you love to have an outdoor kitchen, dining room, or living room? Not only are these outdoor spaces wonderful to enjoy with friends and family, but they’re also a terrific investment in your home’s value.  According to, four of the top 10 most profitable additions to your home can be combined with outdoor living: fireplaces, pools, exterior lighting, and kitchen upgrades. Outdoor kitchen/dining spaces are very popular,

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Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Designs

A stone based outdoor kitchen is something that a lot of us may have thought about in the past. Why not turn your dreams into a reality with some of these stylish ideas? The sky is the limit to what you can do with these ideas. Pizza Oven Imagine being able to easily cook your custom gourmet oven fired pizza’s right from your property? If you like to entertain then, a pizza oven can offer a lot of fun filled nights and good times. An outdoor oven can be designed that perfectly matches your style. A brick oven style is

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A Quiet Corner: Outdoor Living Spaces

There was a time in many parts of America, where using the outdoors for the dual purposes of dining and entertaining just wasn’t done. In rural America many people working on farms often stopped for a mid day “dinner” under the shade of the trees. But it was more for gaining the sustenance needed for the rest of the day’s work, not entertainment. You worked outdoors and you rested and lived indoors. Now the garden can mean more than a vegetable or flower garden. It is a place or space to spend time on patios, pools, and decks, too. Now

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Dividing Outdoor Living Rooms: 3 Patios & 3 Different Patio Pavers

Are you trying to separate one garden space from another? If you are trying to maintain distinctly different spaces in your yard you can.  You can define areas by simply changing the kinds of paving stones and patterns throughout those spaces. Dividing space in the garden can be done subtly with altering by using different types of natural stone and brick pavers. Creating three different garden rooms by using granite, bluestone, and brick patio pavers in different mixtures can be accomplished.  In one garden the intent was to create three distinct outdoor living rooms. But because of the limited amount of

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