Stone is the Best Outdoor Material for Minneapolis

Using natural stone has numerous benefits as a building material, distinct from the sometimes less expensive, or more accommodating man-made materials. Unlike synthetic building materials, stone will not break down over time or decompose anytime soon. While it can be difficult to manage, once fit into place,  it will last for generations, and give the mark of distinction to everyone who visits.

While stone will cost a little more up front, but you will recover these costs with the zero-maintenance that comes along with it. Even if you decide to redesign the living space sometime later, you can still reuse these materials virtually forever.

Stone comes is countless colors and styles, everything from carved slate, to retaining wall boulders. Knowing what stone is available, and how to use it, is what make s a great landscape design company that will able to transform any home into a living paradise. Natural stone can be used in such applications as;

  1. Patios
  2. Driveways
  3. Sidewalks
  4. Retaining walls
  5. Hearths for an outside kitchen
  6. Or even just some timeless pillars, that support a living gazebo

In Minnesota, where we get the whole gamut of weather conditions, stone will stand up to it all. The freezing snow and ice will actually melt faster with stone, since stone retains a certain amount of heat that radiates over time. 6 inches of snow will melt faster on stone that it will on any other material, and stone won’t get beat up no matter how many times you drag your shovel across it. Dirt, oil, grease and salt have no effect, and a simple power wash once a year or so will make it look brand new. Some porous stones will look even better with a bi- or tri-annual epoxy coat rolled on, this is something any unskilled laborer can handle and is very low in cost.

When set properly, stone is also very stable. It will maintain that position without warping or fading in color for generations to come. It also installs well, becoming ready for use within 24 hours after being put into position.

So if you are anxious to beautify your yard before fall, give us a call at Architectural Landscape Design, and learn how easy and affordable natural stone can be in your landscape design. We have the perfect design waiting for you ~ 952-292-7717