Sloping Landscapes Do Offer Great Opportunities

A sloping yard can present landscape challenges. But it also offers great benefits. The slopes can screen views you don’t want to see. They can add visual interest because of the different levels. You can direct visitor’s eye to what you want to see. Plus slopes offer great opportunities for planting and outdoor living areas. That is if you have a good design.

Actually, many homeowners who don’t have natural slopes create them. If a slope is well designed it can do many things. One is that it can make a small yard appear to go on forever. If it is not well designed or if  a slope is left untouched or haphazardly planted it can cause very serious problems that include drainage problems and soil erosion.

Terraces, retaining walls, decks and stairs can increase the planting and living space and control water runoff by holding the soil. These hardscapes and features can also increase safety by making it safer and easier to go up and down and maintain the property. Stairways built with stone, pavers, brick or pebbles even allow for absorption of water. Another thing to consider is that houses built on slopes become the dominant element. Winding pathways, walkways, sidewalks, and paths that are winding with plantings adjacent will soften the view from below.

Our MN landscape architects can work with you to turn your slopes into a benefit. In addition to planning a wonderful landscape with you they can provide the necessary coordination with local building officials regarding permit requirements, height and drainage regulations. Our landscape designers can help aid you in picking plants that retain soil and offer year around structure to minimize the soil erosion. Depending on the sun and wind exposure in  the front, back and side yards we can help choose the trees and plantings that work well. Included in the planting strategy we’ll incorporate xeriscaping which is using planting strategies to conserve water.

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