Ready for the Holiday Season? Lighting Tips for Your Residential Property

Are you thinking about hanging your holiday lights soon? Invite the holiday season with a beautiful lighting display in your front yard and from your roof. Before you put anything up on the roof, be sure to run through a safety checklist.

With the right combination of lighting, a little bit of creativity, and some necessary safety regulations, your house can be the envy of the neighborhood. Be a festive part of the community while staying safe with these tips for hanging and maintaining your holiday lights.

Before Adding Your Lights  

Before you start the installation of your holiday lighting, be sure to inspect your lighting and verify everything is safe. Follow these tips before getting on the roof:

  • Check all of your holiday decorations when you unpack them. It is possible that small lights broke while you were putting the boxes in the attic or the basement for the year. It’s important to look for cracked cords, loose connections, and frayed ends.
  • After assessing the quality of the lighting, plug the lights in to see if any sections are out. Remember to do this after checking for frayed cords.
  • Get your extension cord ready. Don’t rely on several wires because this is a higher fire hazard. Use on long extension cord but never run it across a walkway or through any standing water.

Safety Around the Tree

According to the National Fire Protection Association, one of every three Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems. Of fires occurring in the home, Christmas tree fires are likely to be severe with one death occurring in every 31 fires.

After you’ve checked your lights and confirmed they are safe for us, string them on the tree according to instructions. There are always manufacturer’s instructions about the maximum number of strands to connect. For example, too many lights in one area cause overheating on the tree. Be sure to:

  • Water your tree every day because dry trees are dangerous fire hazards.
  • Don’t light real candles anywhere near the tree. If you want the look of candles on your tree, use battery-operated, flameless options.
  • To light candles real candles in the home, make sure you have stable candle holders and keep them at least twelve inches from anything that burns.
  • Keep your tree at least three feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, heat vents, and more.
  • Get rid of your tree immediately after the holidays! It gets drier as the days pass.

When Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Home

After you’ve purchased all of your lights and determined the style you want on your home, it is time to add them to your roofline. More than anything, do not add lighting from on top of your roof. You need to use a ladder to reach the roof, not install from physically on the roof.

  • Be sure any lights installed outdoors are plugged into an outdoor outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter. This type of plug prevents shorting and shocking when water or debris gets into your outdoor socket.
  • Stay away from all power lines and electrical service lines.
  • Follow ladder safety rules, including not standing on the top rung or reaching too far for installation.
  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturer when stringing up your lighting.
  • Unplug and turn off all decorative lights (both inside and outside the home) before you leave the house or fall asleep. If you are prone to forgetting, be sure to

No Time? Hire a Professional for Your Holiday Lighting Project

Installing holiday lighting can take the fun out of the season. If you don’t want to worry about this project or you just don’t have the time, consider hiring a professional for your holiday lighting project. Whether you want to deck your trees, bushes, and roofline or just want a touch of Christmas cheer, a professional team gets the job done affordably.