Residential Fencing Tips For Privacy and Safety

Residential Fencing Tips For Privacy and Safety

Residential fencing serves multiple roles in modern landscaped environments, and with planning, they can be combined into multipurpose installations. Along with providing safety and security, the right fencing can help create a private and appealing outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy.

Leading Fencing Installation Purposes

Here are six top reasons to consider adding a fence to your property:

#1.  Safety for Family and Pets

When it comes to children and pets, the right fence adds an important layer of protection. Shielding your yard with the right fence allows the kids and fur babies the freedom to explore safely.

Obviously, a fence helps keep children and pets inside the yard and away from busy streets. But fencing also keeps other people’s pets and stray animals from entering your yard. If you have a pool, a fence is an essential safety measure to protect both your own children and others in your neighborhood.

#2. Reliable Privacy and Security

As larger homes occupy ever-smaller lots and the demand for outdoor living areas grows, privacy is at a premium for many homeowners. It’s not just about protecting yourself from your neighbor’s prying eyes – you may want to shield your own view of your neighbor’s backyard activities as well. A fence can help create a private outdoor space while staying on good terms with your neighbors

#3. Safeguarding Home and Property

The time and money you invest in beautiful landscaping can quickly be ruined by visiting deer or other creatures. A fenced yard helps protect your plants and shrubs from local wildlife and stray animals. In addition, a fence can provide a windbreaker for shrubs and ornamentals during cold, windy weather.

#4. Enhanced Liveability and Security

The right fence can add an important layer of protection for both your family and your property. A fence designed for privacy will naturally provide better protection than a shorter, decorative fence.

A privacy fence keeps prying eyes from noticing expensive items you might have in your backyard. With many homeowners opting for outdoor kitchens and other upscale amenities, a fence can help deter unwanted attention and uninvited visitors.

#5. Wind, Noise and Debris Management

In our busy world, relaxing in a peaceful backyard can be a great stress reliever. Unfortunately, traffic noise and loud neighbors can make enjoying the outdoors difficult. The right type of fencing can help buffer noise from busy roads and nearby neighbors. Adding hedges, shrubs and other vegetation along with fencing can also help absorb and deflect noise and create a more serene environment.

#6. Upgrading Property Value 

A professionally installed fence is an upgrade and the right fence can actually increase the value of a home. When you’re looking to sell, potential buyers with children or pets are more likely to purchase a home that is already fenced rather than a similar property without a fenced yard.

Keep in mind that your fence will be judged for its appearance, functionality, and maintenance requirements. If increasing your property value is a top priority, those factors should be considered when selecting a fence.

What Type of Fencing Is Right for Your Home?

Architectural Landscape Elements That Are Functional and Beautiful

The right fence can add curb appeal and overall value to your property. While security and privacy are usually the top considerations when choosing a fence, its design should not take a back seat. There are numerous styles and types of fencing available including wood, iron, and vinyl. Deciding on the right fit for your home is important.

The lifespan of your fence is dependent on the quality of the installation, the materials used, and how well it is maintained. A fence comprised of modern composite materials should last the lifetime of your home with little maintenance. Some fencing options like wood require more maintenance but will last many years with the right care.

Professional Fencing Installation Considerations

Proper fence installation is harder than it looks. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when installing a fence is underestimating the potential obstacles. These include navigation subsurface materials and infrastructure, such as hidden rocks and foundation materials and utility lines.

Understanding local zoning laws, property lines, and HOA restrictions affect where the fence is installed and what type of fence is allowed. Careful planning is required to know where you can dig so you don’t disturb underground utilities.

While installing a fence can be a DIY project, it should be carefully planned and not rushed. In addition to ensuring all local legal restrictions are followed, properly setting posts to grade can present significant challenges.

Architectural Landscape Elements That Are Functional and Beautiful

Creating inviting entrances is an important aspect of planning for proper fence installation. There are many design options to consider including gates with decorative arbors.

You can further customize your fence by adding decorative details and custom colors. However, these may be restricted by your HOA, so make sure you run it by them before deciding.

Fence design goes hand in hand with landscape design when it comes to outdoor living spaces. A well designed and properly constructed fence can dramatically change the look and function of your yard. Hiring a professional team that understands both design and construction will result in a completed project that compliments your home and your landscape.

Count on the Expert Landscape Design Company

Architectural Landscape Design, Inc. can design a fence that meets your needs, and that reflects your sense of style. We’d love to talk to you about options for your property.

You may also be interested in knowing we have a team of master carpenters on staff with decades of construction experience. We believe expert landscape design is essential to your outdoor living success, and talented construction crews who interpret those designs are key to making your vision reality.