Ponds Can Soften Hard Edges of Decks, Add A Bridge Over the Pond for Drama

Adding a small pond at the edge of a deck can soften the hard edges of the deck and help the deck blend to the garden beyond it. Another option is to make the pond longer and narrower to provide an opportunity to add a bridge over the pond for drama.

One of the major elements in garden design is water. You can add real drama and ambiance to a landscape by adding a water feature such as a pond. If you go the extra step to make it big enough you can add an arcing footbridge to offer a walkway over the pond and give a little lift to your landscape.

It’s important to size the pool in proportion to the rest of your garden. We have a lot of experience in putting ponds in MN landscapes. Our landscape designers would enjoy helping you design the pool that connects your yard with a deck or your house, or simply installing a stand-alone pool in your yard. The sizing of the pool is important as if it’s too large, it will feel like it’s intruding on living and play spaces. A soothing pool is one that fits right in as it creates a transition point.

There are many options for the outlines of the pool. You can use water washed stones and natural plantings to soften the area surrounding the outline of the pool. If you add a bridge adding some feathery grasses, rushes and flowers can outline the approach to the bridge. Some of those plants will also add sounds as the wind blows through their leaves, like the grasses.

If you want to have fish and a clean pond you can. Just don’t feed them more food than they can eat in a few minutes. Only fertilize plants in your pond once a month. Keep plants to maximum of two-thirds of the water surface. These points are not guarantees but they’ll get you started to keeping it clean. Call us today on 952-292-7712 to plan a pool!