Patios A Hundred Different Ways

It used to be that a patio was a grey concrete slab with some folding metal chairs. Obviously, those days are gone! Today, there are hundreds of ways to design patios and countless materials to choose from to create a patio. You can use brick, concrete, brick pavers, cobblestones, stamped concrete, natural stone, marble, tile, and the list goes on.
How is the best way to choose what will work with your house, fences, driveway, and paths and fit in your neighborhood? Our landscape designers and architect can help you design the right patio or patios for your space. They’ll help you narrow down the choices of materials to one or a combination of materials that complements your yard’s design. Another benefit is they know the natural stones quarried in this area that is another option to consider.
The shape, style and placement of the patio you choose is very personal. It has to do with what your expected uses are of that space. A patio is typically no more than a well-drained area that is somewhere to sit and play. But when you add on your personal expectations it takes it to the next level.
You may like the look and feel of the very basic rectangular patio. That is always a good option for a small garden space. But geometric combinations of circles and rectangular spaces together are very dynamic. They can be used very effectively to create separate patio outdoor living rooms. We can easily design those to be on different levels to increase the visual interest of your yard also.
Another option is to consider adding built-in furniture. It’s a great time and space saver when you don’t have to take the time and plan at the end of each season how and where to store garden furniture. We can build stone bench seats and stone-slab coffee and dining tables that are available for year around use, summer dining and winter prep areas for cross country skiing. Call our MN landscape company today on 952-292-7717.