Get Winter-Ready: Snowplowing Tips for Clean and Pristine Parking Lots

Snow-kissed parking lots can quickly spin from scenic to strenuous, turning what was once a winter wonderland into a daunting snow removal nightmare. Trust us, we’ve had our fair share of battles with stubborn ridges of hardened snow sprawled across an ocean of vacant spaces.

That’s why this article, brimming with expert insight on effective parking lot snow removal plowing strategies for maintaining immaculate parking lots after every flurry, might just be your new best friend this winter season.

snow filled parking lot

Importance of Efficient Snowplowing for Parking Lots

Efficient snowplowing for parking lots is crucial for clearing snow and ice, ensuring safe and accessible parking, and preventing damage to the pavement.

Clearing Snow and Ice

Clearing snow and ice is a vital task during winter months for the safety of all using parking lots. Using efficient methods like plowing, we can ensure slippery surfaces are safely handled, reducing potential accidents.

It’s not just about removing the surface layer of snow; it’s essential to reach down to the pavement and eliminate any remaining ice patches that could cause slips or trips. Proper use of tools such as angle plows with wings aids in this process, making it more effective in keeping parking lots safe and accessible during frosty weather conditions.

Ensuring Safe and Accessible Parking

Snowplowing is not only about clearing the snow from the parking lots but also about making sure that the parking spaces are safe and accessible for drivers and pedestrians. Here are some tips to achieve that goal:

  • Use salt or sand to melt the ice and provide traction on slippery surfaces. This will prevent accidents and injuries caused by skidding or slipping.
  • Mark the parking spaces clearly with signs, cones, or paint. This will help the drivers to find and park their vehicles easily and avoid confusion or conflicts.
  • Leave enough space between the parked vehicles and the snow piles. This will allow the drivers to open their doors and exit their vehicles safely and comfortably.
  • Remove the snow piles regularly or relocate them to a designated area. This will prevent the snow from blocking the parking lots’ visibility, access, or drainage.

Preventing Damage to Pavement

Snowplowing can cause damage to the pavement if not done properly or carefully. To prevent or minimize the damage, here are some suggestions:

  • Use the right equipment for the job. Choose a snowplow that is suitable for the size and type of the parking lot. Make sure that the plow blade is sharp, smooth, and adjusted to the right height and angle. Avoid using metal blades that can scrape or gouge the pavement.
  • Use the right technique for the job. Plow in straight lines and avoid sudden turns or stops. Plow with the direction of the traffic and avoid plowing against the curb or edge of the pavement. Plow at a moderate speed and avoid applying too much pressure or force on the pavement.
  • Use the right maintenance for the job. Inspect and repair any damage to the pavement as soon as possible. Seal any cracks or holes with asphalt or concrete filler. Apply a protective coating or sealant to the pavement every few years to prevent water infiltration and deterioration.

Essential Snowplowing Tips

For efficient parking lot snow removal, it is important to prepare the area before snowfall, clear snow in sections, plow next to curbs, use proper plowing techniques, and apply salt or ice.

Preparing the Area Before Snowfall

Inspecting the entire area for potential hazards before snowfall. This includes checking for holes, speed bumps, medians, low landscaping, and fire hydrants that may obstruct the snow removal process. 

A clear understanding of these obstacles allows for better planning and efficient snow removal. It also helps in preventing any damage to the equipment or property during the process.

Clearing Snow in Sections

To efficiently clear snow from parking lots, it is important to tackle the task in sections. By dividing the area into manageable portions, you can easily remove the snow and ensure a thorough clean-up.

This way, you can move the snow better and not have too much snow in one place. It also helps to keep the area open and safe from big snow piles.

Plowing Next to Curbs

Plow near the curbs to clear the snow well in parking lots. Make sure you don’t leave any snow behind when you do that. You can use a U edge that sticks out 6 inches on your snowplow to protect the curbs. Plow away from the curb and push the snow out. This will help you avoid damaging the curbs.

Using Proper Plowing Techniques

One effective technique is to plow the snow forward and to the side, which helps clear large areas like parking lots.

Another technique called backdragging is useful for clearing areas where the truck needs to turn around and plow forward. Knowing the layout of the parking lot and having a designated snow plow location in mind helps to plow efficiently.

Applying Salt or Ice Melt

Applying salt or ice melt is an essential step in effective snowplowing. Salt brine, commonly used for snow removal, melts the snow and ice while lowering the freezing point of water.

This helps prevent further accumulation and keeps the parking lot safe and accessible. By using parking lot salt calculators, you can determine the right amount of salt needed for effective snow and ice removal.

Hiring Professional Snow and Ice Removal Services

Winter can be harsh on your parking lot, covering it with snow and ice, making it hard to use and unsafe. That’s why you need the help of professional snow and ice removal services. They have the skills and equipment to get rid of the ice that normal plowing or shoveling can’t handle. 

They can also clear the snow faster and easier than you can, saving you time and hassle. Professional snow and ice removal services allow you to enjoy a clean and pristine parking lot all winter.


Incorporating these snowplowing tips will help you keep your parking lots clean and pristine every time. By preparing the area beforehand, plowing in sections, and using proper techniques, you can ensure safe and accessible parking for everyone.

Alternatively, you can hire professionals for your parking lot snow removal. They have the skills and equipment to get the job done quickly, saving you time and hassle. 

Don’t let winter weather create chaos in your parking lots – implement these tips for a clean and well-maintained space all season long.