Outdoor Structures Add Value, Enjoyment to a Home

Over the past several years, more and more people have been taking an interest in bringing the convenience of indoor living outside. Patios, decks, and pools are now accompanied by outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas. Demand for outdoor TVs and full kitchens has also been increasing steadily.

Winter is a great time to plan your garden and landscaping changes for the spring so that you’re ready to move ahead with your plans as soon as it’s warm.  Perhaps you’ve considered adding an outdoor room, covered patio, or similar structure to your yard.  The ability to maximize the use of these exterior structures will add value to the property. Most homeowners will be able to see immediate returns in the form of recreation on the investment.

For the Contractors

When installing these outdoor living spaces, contractors will find that almost all of them are variations on more traditional structures like the trellis, patio, deck, gazebo or trellis. Some may be custom designed or called a different name, but they all provide aesthetics as well as a place to hang lighting, wire for electricity and provide shade or a windbreak.

While the living spaces are being designed, contractors must remember the basics of matching materials to the house, following codes and making sure it will stand up to local elements.

During the actual construction, it’s imperative to make an effort to protect the existing landscaping. Most contractors know about putting plywood down to prevent damage from heavy machinery and taking other protective measures. Don’t forget to clean the street up at the end of the day. The neighbors and homeowner will appreciate it.

Always remember to plan ahead for extra help and make sure all of the materials needed are available.

For Potential Customers

Although the bulk of the market may be in warmer states, the Snow Belt has proven to have a strong demand for outdoor living structures, too. New Jersey and the Dakotas, for example, have quite a few customers for this type of work.

Consumers who make these purchases are in the custom/luxury to mid-range markets. Often, once they see how great their new yard looks, they’ll be willing to spend a little extra for additional embellishments like new fencing or privacy screens. Their neighbors will notice the new work, and will often want something similar for their properties. In this way, bigger jobs can be just around the corner.

If the dream of an outdoor living area is dancing around in your head this winter, talk to us about making your dreams a reality next spring.