Creating an Design for your Outdoor Space | Minnesota Architectural Landscape Design

Not many years ago people who came calling only approached houses by coming to the front door. Today things have changed as entertaining has migrated from the front room to outdoor rooms — if the front doorbell rings it can mean strangers or business, while a knock at the backdoor typically means friends.

As the interest in casual outdoor entertaining increases, knowledgeable Minneapolis landscaping designers are providing the option to play down the more formal front door entrance. This redirection created by landscape design welcomes and encourages guests through walkways, and sidewalks that flow from the front yard through their side yards into the back yard entertainment areas and outside space. The net effect is that the guests are where the action or entertaining is taking place. Plus, they have had a chance to enjoy the house’s total outdoor ambiance. A bonus it that it eliminates the need to walk guests through the entire house and straight out the back door. Our educated and experienced staff can create an integrated plan that ties your front door, house and the backdoor together with a consideration for the entire landscape. We can also do all of the installation and create a maintenance plan with you for your green areas and plantings.

If you need help in creating an design for your outdoor space call Minnesota’s Architectural Landscape Design. We’ll help you decide where a pathway could be, what kind of front landscaping can deliver the message, and what hardscapes such as retaining walls, yard structures such as gazebos or pergolas, or rock fireplaces may invite guests into the backyard. Just give us a call today on 952-292-7717.