Get Your Garden Ready for Spring with a New Outdoor Project

As we get closer to spring, if you find yourself itching to be back in your garden, you can get a head start on getting your garden ready for spring by working on a new outdoor project, when the weather allows.

There is no shortage of ideas for front yards, backyards, gardens, and more. Now is the time to start thinking about what you want your garden to look like, to write out your plans, and begin working to make it happen.

To help you along the way, here are several outdoor project ideas.

Create a Stone Paver Patio

Adding a patio from paver stones is a great way to give your backyard a makeover, and create a space for your furniture, or chatting with people. There are many different paver options, but curved pavers require a lot of cuts, so sticking with square or rectangle pavers is a less complicated way to create a patio.

Design a Bird Bath

There are hundreds to thousands of different do-it-yourself (DIY) bird bath ideas on the internet, and the choices will appeal to different people, this stone one from Robin’s Nesting Place has a natural, but also professional look to it. Different bird baths will appeal to different people but if you are looking for a good project, building a bird bath is a great idea.

Herb Garden Pallet

Fresh herbs make a meal taste good, and a room smell good. Herbs are used for many different reasons and if you love fresh herbs, making an herb garden from a pallet is a good idea. Designing your pallet can be a simple or complex process, depending on your preference. The herbs can fit right into the pallet, or you can attach planters to a pallet and put your herbs in the planters. There are many different design options, depending on your preference.

Drop Cloth Patio Curtains – No Sew

Adding all-weather curtains can give your patio a whole new look, offer shade during the summer, and protection from bad weather. If you are looking for a simple project, these patio curtains are made from drop cloths and do not require any sewing.

Another benefit of having patio curtain is that if bad weather is in your area, you can move your plants under the curtains to help protect them.

Create a Water Garden

If you are hoping to add water to your garden this year, this tutorial walks you through how to create fountains in your planters, no matter how big or small they are. In the bigger ones, you can add a few fish, while the smaller ones can contain different water plants.

Patio Rug Painting

If you are trying to find ways to add a splash of color to your patio, one way to make it happen is to use bright colors to paint a rug for outside. If you have a cheap outdoor rug that needs some TLC, or you find a cheap one to purchase, you can use latex paint to add colors to a rug or paint the whole thing. The latex helps protect the outdoor rug from the weather, and the color can last for several seasons.

Design an Elevated Garden Bed

If you have a garden that is already full, or you want to try elevated garden beds, you can find many different designs, sizes, and styles to gain inspiration. Raised garden beds help stop weeds from getting into your soil and provide a healthy drainage system. They also offer a barrier to garden pests like snails or slugs.


For people who don’t care for winter, or for those who want to maximize their indoor time by preparing for spring, garden projects that can be completed indoor, or at least outside on a patio are a great way to pass the time. Preparing for your spring garden will not only pass the time but also give you a head start into spring gardening.