No Holiday Lights Up Yet? Here's Some Inspiration

If you’ve been dragging your feet getting your holiday lights and displays up, here’s some last minute inspiration.  This set of photos might give you ideas; the displays (indoor and outdoor) range from the simple to the over-the-top, and just about every homeowner should be able to find something. 
As some of the photos show, holiday displays don’t need to be elaborate to be eye-catching; some of the simpler ones have understanded elegance, while some of the brightly-lit exteriors might bring back childhood memories.
The holidays are a time to express yourself in and around your home, from your front door to your back, inside and out.  If you’re stuck for ideas for your home and running out of time, give us a call.  We handle holiday lighting and displays, and we probably have just the right touch for you.  Currently our design consultations are free.