7 Simple Tips for Creating a Unique and Practical Mudroom

The mudroom is the secondary entrance way to a home, which keeps outdoor clothing (as well as the dirt, leaves, and snow that accompanies it) separate from the interior of the house, especially during messy winter months.

Creating a mudroom that is practical and unique can keep the interior of your home organized.

It can help you to tidy up from home improvement projects or to deposit sporting goods and toys. It also makes coming and going a cozy and fun experience.

Here are seven simple tips for creating a mudroom that is not only useful for keeping things orderly but will also be unique to your home and family.

1. Have A Bench for Sitting and Storage

Whether you’re returning from a day at the office, an afternoon in the garden, or making mischief in the snow with the kids, being able to remove gloves and untie boots while sitting down is one of the small pleasures that your mudroom can provide.

A regular one will do fine, but you can also kill two birds with one stone if your bench features storage in the form of sliding drawers, bins underneath, or even more room hidden under a hinged top.

2. Install A Tile Floor

For the quickest and easiest clean of your mudroom, having a tile floor installed will keep things simple, with no extra vacuuming nor wood that will warp from moisture, especially if you’re coming in from the pool. If you want to go the extra mile, have heating elements installed below the tile to give you a warm surface to step on in wet socks or bare feet.

3. Add Cubbies and Personalize Them

No matter how many members of your family there are, keeping everyone’s outdoor items orderly with cubbies is a definite plus. Not only will your gear be safely stored and organized but you’ll keep the larger area free from clutter, making it easier to clean.

You can stash shoes and boots in the lower cubbies while storing gloves, hats, and scarves in the higher cubbies. Personalizing them by adding stickers, decals, or letting the kids paint their names on them is a nice touch as well.

4. Hang Hooks for Bags and Coats

After a long day out playing, kids are less likely to want to open a closet door or deal with a coatrack than they are to hang their hats and backpacks on easily accessible hooks. Installing hooks at a variety of heights will ensure that your kids don’t outgrow their hooks, but will also maximize your wall space.

5. Add A Utility Sink

Why sully your kitchen or bathroom sink with dirt or paint when you can have one expressly designated for those messy jobs? Adding a utility sink means that you can relegate cleaning up from gardening, painting, and even pet baths to the part of your home that’s already set aside for dirt and mud.

6. Color Coding

A fun way to add some flair to your mudroom is to color code your cubbies or shelves for each family member. Let the kids decide what color they want to represent them, and make a family project day of the painting itself. Having color-coded cubbies and storage areas will not only keep things organized but will brighten and personalize your mudroom.

7. Add A Whiteboard or Chalkboard

What better way to remind yourself and the rest of the family of errands, essential items, or even how much you love each other than having a writing surface on your way out the door? Either hang a whiteboard with dry-erase markers or even better, use chalkboard paint on a section of the wall.

While you’re gearing up to face the elements, you can be reminded to return those tools you borrowed, to stop and pick up dog food, or just that you’re thinking of the kids with love.