Mpls Christmas Lights and Holiday Decorations: Residential & Commercial

We want to help light up your holiday and Christmas season! Leave your Mpls and St. Paul Christmas decorating and holiday lighting needs to us. Our expert Christmas lighting and decorating staff will provide you with the finest collection of outside Christmas lighting and holiday decor. Many of our clients enjoy having large tree illuminations, house lighting outlines, and large decorated wreaths. We do whatever you want ranging from the simple plan to very complex large-scale implementations. We take care of maintenance and guarantee that your lights will stay up and running during the holidays and Christmas. We do both residential holiday lighting and commercial holiday lighting.
 What happens if I have a problem with my lights? Our professional holiday decorators and holiday lighting installation technicians will make sure that your display works upon completion of your installation and after.
When should I schedule my installation? We’re installing holiday decorations, commercial lighting and residential lighting now. The sooner you schedule your installation the sooner we get your lights installed.
What areas do you provide service to? We provide service in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metro area.
What will it cost? That’s up to you. The costs will be based on the size of your display, the size of your home and where lights will be installed, and any additional features such as lighting trees, bushes, and paths and any interior displays.
Do you supply the lights or do I? We supply it all. We supply the complete packages including the lights, timers, extension cords, and any specific lit display you may choose. We do the holiday light installation and removal. You also get to choose from a selection of colors and hundreds of holiday ornaments. We light up the Twin Cities metro area and surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule your commercial or residential holiday tree lighting and decorating on 952-292-7717.