MN Outdoor Living: Building Savvy Patios for the Summer

As the weather gets warm here in the Minneap0lis MN area, a lot of people start going outside to enjoy it. What is the best place to spend this time? Why, on your beautiful, savvy patio, of course! If you’re considering an upgrade or perhaps a whole new, fresh renovation for your landscaping, then this would be the best place to start. Usually the patio is where you’d find the pavers, concrete and natural stone (but there are many other options). The patio has to suit your style, budget and the home that you have. However, how do you choose the right material for this? Here are some of the pros and cons of the most popular patio materials that you’re able to find.

The Most Popular Patio Materials

Poured Concrete:  This is one of the best materials that offers the most functionality. It is inexpensive and able to look as nice as you’d like it too. It is easy to install as well, which cuts out a lot of installation time. It just needs to be pumped in, smoothed out and then you’re ready to go. Of course, it does crack with time so regular maintenance might be needed.

Stamped and Colored Concrete:  This is able to add a bit more personality to where there once was none. It is able to meet any style demands that you have and still comes at a reasonable price. However, the costs for maintaining this type of patio can be costly compared to the initial installation. Keep in mind this concrete will also crack and show signs of wear and tear as time moves on.

Pavers:  There are numerous colors, styles and textures that are able to be used to create a pattern with this material. They are versatile and durable. They are able to reduce any drainage issues in the area, while also providing a safe way to walk about, even while wet. They are stronger than concrete, do not crack and are tough against weather elements. They can be used for walkways, patio areas and even driveways. They come in many different colors so you’re able to mix and match to go with the home. They do need to be sanded every 5 years or so, but are easy to replace when one of them becomes broken.

Natural Stone: This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing type of patio material that you’re able to use. The cost of natural stone can vary depending on the stone that you choose to use. They are not as durable as pavers, but more durable than concrete. There might also be large gaps between the stones and they might not be flat down and even. The costs for installation is quite higher due to the fact that it has to be pieced together in a natural way. They do need to be resanded and weeded from time to time.

Decks – An Alternative to Patios

Perhaps instead of a patio, what might work well with your home is a deck.  This is an area that creates a place to relax and a place that invites people in. It can give beautiful views of the yard and even give a level surface to a yard that drops off in the back. This is one of the most expensive options to go with in the beginning and for long term. Deck care and maintenance is more involved than that for patios, especially if you choose a wood deck.  Composite or synthetic decking requires much less care than wood, but it is more expensive. If you’ve got an uneven yard or no open space for a patio, a deck may be your best solution.  The alternative is to have excavation and grading done to create a flat area in your yard for a patio.

Patio installation can be a tremendous undertaking for the weekend DIY’er.  Take the time to consider going with a company that is a professional in this area – you want to make sure that your choice of patio materials as well as its design fits with the style of your home and your other landscaping features. At Architectural Landscape Design we can create and install the patio of your dreams, using natural stone pavers or other materials in many hardscaping projects such as patios and walkways. Need some inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest board for Walkway and Driveway Ideas  or our Picture Perfect Patio board.  Then call us for a free consultation to discuss what we are able to do for you.  For licensed MN landscape design and installation in the Minneapolis MN area, call us – 952.292.7717.