Minneapolis MN Landscape Design: The Different Features of a Modern Garden

05may14e5a14Traditional gardens have their charm, but many homeowners are looking for something more up-to-date.  Many modern gardens like to use minimal graphic quality but what are the techniques that are used in these modern garden to create this modern style? How is it that they are any different than the traditional gardens?

The Basic Elements of Modern Garden Design

The Size:  All modern gardens are smaller in size and more compact, since homeowners are making greater use of their yards for other purposes. The outdoor space will include several different functions such as a playground, pool, living space and so on. The garden shouldn’t take up much of this space.

The Function: The function of the garden is different as well since, you might not have enough time for lots of gardening chores. You will then be able to have a nice garden that requires minimal effort.

The Geometry:  By having good-looking plants in the garden, you’re then able to have something that is pleasing to look at. Keep shapes and heights in mind as you select plants that will go well together.

The Color:  The main color of your garden is going to be green. That’s where foliage plants with lots of texture come in.  However, you’re able to add splashes of color throughout the garden to make it stand out more. Green however, will always remain and can provide an urban look to your garden.

The Material:  A modern garden is often completed with structures made from different materials such as concrete and wood.  Light touches are important; you don’t want to overdo it.

If it’s time to bring your garden area up to date, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design for more information regarding a modern garden in your landscape. We can design a garden area for your yard that will provide the beauty that you’re after in a comfortable area in your yard.  Call today for a free consultation – 952.292.7717.