Designing an Outdoor Living Space Minneapolis Landscaping

 Designing an outdoor space is no small task. There are many factors to consider, and getting the advice of an experienced, trained professional is well worth the time and effort. Creating a stand alone garden is one thing, but creating a functional outdoor living space that will grow along with your home each year is something altogether different. Many people go out and spend a small fortune on plants, come home and put them in the ground, only to find that they either die off, or don’t really grow in the direction the homeowner had planned.
Understanding the water needs, drainage, sun light, and fertilizing needs of each particular plant makes a big difference in those that live, and those that don’t. One of the biggest mistakes made is people tend to plant small trees and shrubs too close to the house. They look great for the first couple of years, and then they start to get crowded, and lopsided.
Another easy mistake to make is how and when to provide water. Young, newly planted trees and shrubs need lots of water for a number of reasons. One of them is so that the soil stays soft and moist, allowing the young plant to establish a decent root ball. This root ball with help it survive through its first winter.
If there are small parts of the new plants that did not make it through the winter, it is good to trim dead wood away from the new growth in the spring, so that it won’t waste valuable resources for the young plant.
Making your plants work with the landscapes hardscapes is always an exciting time for those who make these decisions. Creating little spaces outdoors that will allow for an easy escape throughout the year has benefits only those who have them will every fully understand.
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