Landscaping Away Ugly Utility Areas

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true most houses have some ugly utility areas that would be better hidden from view. See if one of these appears in your yard. Taking a critical second look may present an opportunity to turn a place you would like to avoid looking at into an area that you may enjoy.

These areas run the gamut from garbage cans, dog runs, swimming pools, outdoor above ground spas, spa pumps, compost heaps, compost containers, tool sheds, air conditioning units, vents coming out from the house, utility meters, etc.  All of these can strike a discordant note in an  other wise harmonious, well designed, beautiful yard.

The type of barrier you use may be governed by some local requirements. Our licensed and educated landscape designers and architects can review what the specific requirements are where you live. What exactly you use can be determined by what you already have in your yard. They can also look at what the year around effect will be. For example, trees planted in front of dryer vents coming from the house can be subjected to a lot of winter stress.

The more you follow what you already have—-shrubs, fences, walls, hedges—the more unity you will have in your landscape. Plus, it won’t call attention to the addition of the barrier you put up, which might otherwise draw unwanted attention to it.  Function over form, sometimes prevails, like a chain link fence for the dog, when every other fence is red cedar. But you might want to build a cedar fence in front of the chain link fence and front it with trees or add flower boxes to the fence to give the illusion of a smaller space or “outdoor” room. Or you could add some cedar trellis in front of the chain link fence so it visually blocks the area.

If you are interested in adding some landscape barriers in your landscape call our MN landscape company today on 952-292-7712.