Landscape Lighting Techniques That Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

To see a light at the end of a tunnel.

To offer a ray of light.

To have a light bulb moment.

We recognize the inherent truth in these idioms because the concept of light extends far beyond the literal meaning of illumination. Light has become synonymous with respite, hope, and clarity.

It is for this reason that Architectural Landscape Design takes great pleasure in offering our clients lighting options that will completely change outdoor living spaces, both on a literal and metaphorical level.

Let’s take back the light, one outdoor arena at a time.

Pools, Spas, and Ponds

The aesthetic charm of water features like pools, spas, and ponds on a property can truly offer moments of magic during one’s day. But, how would you like to increase that magic tenfold at night? That’s where landscape lighting comes into play.

Most water attractions have steps, stairways, or paths leading to them. Consider installing lights in these high foot traffic areas for two reasons. The first reason lies in the concept of safety. The shadows of darkness can play tricks on your feet, resulting in stumbles and tumbles on poorly lit walkways, which can become all the more dangerous near water.

Low-voltage surface lighting emanating from the ground can softly illuminate your path forward, so you can enjoy your water features safely at night. Additionally, the soft glow of the delicate white or yellow lights along the edges of these paths provide firefly-like lighting — the ambiance of which is truly enchanting.

To light the actual body of water in a similar magical manner, consider adopting the moonlighting technique. This is when lights are placed in large trees close to your water feature, the effect of which mimics the moon, providing the perfect cascade of warm glows on your pool, spa, or pond.

However you choose to accent your water attractions, the lighting should work with your current water landscape design.

Decks, Patios, and Porches

You’ve designed or are looking to design the deck, patio, or porch of your dreams. Bravo! Just make sure your lighting of such spaces is functionally and aesthetically on point. These outdoor living areas require enough lighting so that your family and your guests can adequately see at night, but they also offer a soft illumination so that eyes aren’t assaulted by overly bright lights. Say no to floodlights!

Consider using downlighting in these areas, which will illuminate seats, benches, or swings from overhead. To successfully downlight, place low-voltage lighting high up, as in the underside of your roof. The higher you place the light, the greater the space it illuminates. So, if the outdoor living space is expansive, you may even consider downlighting from the branches of a large, tall tree.

Downlighting is the perfect solution for areas where seating and conversation are mixed. And with Architectural Landscape Design’s easy and efficient installations, you can enjoy the comfortably lit atmosphere of your deck, patio, or porch sooner than you may think.

Outdoor Kitchens

One of the most popular trends in outdoor living spaces to date, outdoor kitchens boast the ability to entertain family and friends on a multi-sensory level. Smell, taste, touch, and sound — It has it at all. Well, what about sight? You can’t enjoy the sensational experience of an outdoor kitchen if you do not have a properly lit space. So, let’s talk landscape lighting so that you can enjoy this space in all its sensory glory!

The most important area where lighting is essential is logically the grill or cooktop. Consider using task lighting directly above your cooking surface — the white light will fully illuminate your cooking area so you can prep for your dinner party in safety and comfort.

However, white lights tend to be harder on the eyes, so we recommend incorporating flexible lighting options so that you can adjust your lighting when the time is right. Think about adding a dimming feature with your outdoor kitchen lights so that once dinner is served, you can switch to a softer illumination that will help your guests enjoy good food and good conversation in a perfectly lit atmosphere.

Pergolas, Arbors, and Gazebos

From the large-shaded architecture of a pergola to the small-arched formation of an arbor or to the grand-octagon shape of a gazebo, the options for outdoor shade structures are many. Luckily, the lighting suggestions for them tend to be singular. Because such structures are typically a favorite attraction on a property, consider lighting them with the uplighting technique.

This type of lighting comes from below, creating a bright showcase (literally!) for your cozy retreat. So, you can enjoy the shade it provides during the day and then enjoy the impressive artistic nuances of it at night. It’s a win-win with the right lighting!

And with Architectural Landscape Design’s budget-friendly lighting schemes, you will be sure to enjoy the benefits of pergolas, arbors, and gazebos on a financial level as well.

Backyard Offices and Studios

Whether it’s a shed, porch, treehouse, or garage, backyard office and studio spaces have become a popular fixture on properties whose owners work from home. Because these extensions of the home will vary in size, structure, and style, you may need to custom-order lighting solutions that work for your space.

We offer solar panels, LED, fluorescent, and other types of illumination that will speak to your office aesthetic. Additionally, dimming capabilities will allow you to turn up lights in the most productive hours of your workday and turn down lights as you enjoy a lunch break or a small siesta.

Whatever your office or studio space looks like, we offer practice, functional, and attractive lighting options that will support you as you support your business or company from home.

Architectural Landscape Design: We Support You

If you are looking for a way to transform your outdoor living space into something new and refreshing at night, we are here to support that vision! Regardless of the type of space, our outdoor lighting techniques will leave you feeling warm, welcomed, and safe in the comforts of your own outdoor home. Contact us today to start the discussion on your future bright night-oasis.