Isolate Your Garden From the Dark With Lighting

Your yard and garden can be isolated from the dark world outside by introducing lighting to your landscape. Lighting will allow you to enjoy the scene out your window from indoors in any season and in any kind of weather. What is more beautiful than being able to watch big snowflakes float down from the sky, or to be able to watch big drops of spring rain on a stormy night?

Lighting in your landscape apart from the practical function of providing security can be used artfully to create your gardens own aura. It’s like lighting a room in your house if you use up lighting, dimmers, lamps, and overhead lights you can create a variety of moods based on the light. Safety is key; lighting for safety around stairs and along sidewalks or pathways always makes sense as a basic lighting requirement. You can go the next step to accentuate your garden as a sanctuary by illuminating entire areas.

A lot of outdoor lighting is done with spotlights and floodlights. There is an art to lighting, if it isn’t done right you may increase the number of insects you are attracting. So you want to keep the lighting away from outside sitting and dining areas.

Garden areas and lower features like low spreading evergreens are often lighted from above. This manner of lighting can somewhat replicate sunlight and moonlight. Using light from below can make higher features pop out, like the gnarly limbs of an old oak. If there is a feature in your yard that you really love and want to have stand out backlighting may be the answer.  We will work with you and experiment with the placement and type of lighting used until we get the effect you want.

As an outdoor lighting contractor we can combine that knowledge with that of our landscape designers and architects to give you the best lighting plan that evokes the atmosphere you are looking to create.  Call our Minneapolis landscape design company today on 952-292-7717.