Is Landscaping Helping Your Business to Put Its Best Foot Forward?

What kind of a first impression does your place of business make?

You as a business owner know that it is imperative to build a brand that is portrayed in the best way possible. This does not just mean inside the walls of your building, however.

Curb appeal is a big deal when it comes to having a business – from the neighborhood your building is located into the landscaping on the outside. Having a great landscape design that is bright and inviting could be the deciding factor on your clients’ or customers’ decisions whether to stop in or keep driving.

Research Shows Commercial Landscaping Offers Many Benefits

Prospective clients will be more likely to travel a longer distance and spend more time and money at businesses that have a beautiful area around the outside, as opposed to poorly landscaped businesses, according to research studies conducted by Washington’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

In the same research study, it was shown that having a well-landscaped yard outside of a business not only brings in more customers, but it substantially increases employees’ moods as well.

Research shows that when employees can see natural beauty through the windows or walk out the door to some great scenery, they are less stressed about their job throughout, display more patience, and are more enthusiastic about their jobs in general.

In addition to the benefits of the mood of your customers and employees, trees are known to block out traffic noises. If you are on a busy street this can be extremely beneficial in driving those noises that become a distraction away.

If you love the idea of having a beautifully landscaped area outside of your business but have no idea where to begin with it, we can help you get the right landscaping that fits exactly what you need it for.

Whether it is trees to block out road noises, or flowers to give your area a brighter look, the right commercial landscaping can make all the difference.  Here at Architectural Landscape Design we have the expertise to please not only you but extend it onto your employees and clients as well.

We are a licensed MN landscape design and installation contractor, offering commercial and residential landscaping services in the greater Minneapolis metro area, as well as outlying Minnesota and western Wisconsin communities.