5 Awesome Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Landscape

In many ways, the landscaping and gardening industry hasn’t changed a considerable amount over the past few decades, but some innovative technologies can be integrated into your landscape to make things better.

They can save you time by making maintaining your landscape more straightforward, and they can also make it look prettier. Why not invest in some new technology this year?

Integrate Lighting

One of the most widely used electronics is lighting, but rather than just using dull yellow or white solar lights; you can use bright colored LED lights. Lighting is an easy and efficient method for creating a particular mood in each zone, especially if you segment your landscape into planting zones and livable areas.

Automated Irrigation

By far the most time-consuming chore in the garden is watering and irrigating your plants and lawn. Not only do new seeds require frequent watering throughout the day, but established grass and plants can demand upwards of 20-minutes of deep watering to develop an advanced root system.

Automated irrigation is a massive leap in technology and saves you valuable time each week, tracking the amount of rain that you get and adjust its system automatically. This means that if it rains the sprinklers will shutoff for the day, whereas if it doesn’t rain at all that week, they will spray extra water.

This system ensures that your plants get what they need.

Without an irrigation system, you are guessing at the amount of water that you’re giving to your grass, plants, and flowers; this turns it into an exact science.

Watch Your Garden Grow

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your garden, or wanted to take a look at how your plants and flowers are growing? Now you can, with a specialized camera that sits in your garden and takes photos periodically of whatever you set it to look at.

This might seem a little odd, but it can be incredibly useful for people who want to monitor the growth of their plants on a micro level. Most of these time-lapse cameras take photos between every minute and every 24-hours, depending on how you set them up.

If you’ve ever found that some of your plants aren’t growing this is the optimum way to find out which critters are getting on them and might be preventing them from developing.

Testing Your Soil

Sometimes it can feel like you need a degree in organic chemistry just to grow some plants, especially once you start looking at the pH of your soil and the NPK levels. However, these values are fundamental, especially if you’re finding that your grass isn’t as green as you would like it to be.

But rather than making changes to your garden haphazardly or throwing fertilizer on without knowing the cause, you can figure out precisely what is creating these issues.

Soil tests don’t have to be expensive, but this high-tech method is the only way to know what is preventing your plants and grass from growing properly.

In many cases, you’ll get the results back, and they will give you the information that you need so that you can correctly supplement your soil. This information will allow you to balance the pH of your soil and optimize the NPK levels for massive amounts of growth.

Cut Your Grass Automatically

Finally, rather than cutting your grass, why not cut back on the amount of time you have to spend working on your landscape each week. Invest in an automatic grass cutter, a little robot with an incredibly rugged body, which drives around your lawn automatically and trims your grass.

In the past, these robots have been inefficient, often getting lost in your lawn and leaving parts uncut. But recent advances in technology have made them cheaper and far more efficient, making them the ideal solution for homeowners with large amounts of grass and not a lot of time to spare.