How Your Outdoor Furniture Choices Can Provide the Perfect Exclamation Point

outdoor furnitueMany homeowners are so focused in the perfectly preened yard, completely overlooking the fact that the outdoor space is where they can run amok and create the ideal outdoor experience – as long as you are conforming to regulations set forth by the home association or local agency.

Elevate your outdoor furniture and make sure that each one of them makes a statement. Regardless if the theme clashes or the design is opposite to the inside of your home, here’s how you can make your home the envy of the whole neighborhood with these furniture choices.

Casually Swinging on The Outdoor Swing Sofa

Outdoor porch swings and sofas quickly make a statement when installed in a backyard. You have many options when it comes to a swinging sofa – you can use a porch swing made of wood, a patio swing with its own stand, or a suspended wicker chair.

Thankfully, most materials used in swinging furniture are just as weatherproof and resistant as normal outdoor furniture. Most surfaces can be cleaned with diluted detergent, with the chairs being preferably cleaned right before the spring and summer months. Simply rinse off the solution with a water hose to knock off dirt and grime that might’ve settled.

Patio Table Made from Beautiful Wood

Teak is a popular material used for outside furniture – and for a good reason. Teak is a type of wood that has every quality that a homeowner wants in outdoor furniture. It’s durable, resistant to rain and snow, and ages gracefully; with untreated teak eventually becoming a silvery, almost white color.

If you have wood furniture that has been passed down generations, then it is most likely made from teak. Not only is it resistant to warping and cracking, but it is also a statement wood that will have your visitors asking about its origins.

There also other types of woods that are just as beautiful. Eucalyptus is a relatively new source of hardwood, with the high-quality timber being unusually smooth. Eucalyptus will naturally age to a soft gray color, but you have the option to use stainers to dye the Eucalyptus wood to your preference.

Enjoy A Movie with The Outdoor Movie Theater

The outdoor movie theater is easily one of the ultimate attention-grabbing features that you can get for your yard. There used to be a time where installing an outside theater was a cumbersome feat. Thankfully, technology has made it a lot easier to build a backyard theater while still being relatively affordable.

It’s important to select a powerful projector ñ the single most important item of any backyard theater system. You want one that is sturdy enough where it can light up a screen even at dusk. Pick one that has a 1080p output, since you do not want to see pixels while viewing your favorite movies and shows.

A Blu-ray player is also preferred in an outdoor system, as the image will be sharper when compared to a traditional DVD player. Thankfully, there are guides to all the ins and outs of a backyard theater system.

A Living Privacy Wall – Plants Becoming Part of Your Furniture

You can use a privacy screen to have a designated area where you and your family members can hang out in solitude. Alternatively, you can also use plants as makeshift furniture to create fenced off areas. A living wall provides privacy while contributing to the aesthetics of your yard. It also creates a sound barrier, working perfectly in tandem with your backyard theater system.

You can plant evergreens as a privacy plant. They are hardy, reduce noise, and stay green all year long. If you do not want such a large tree, short hedges like the arborvitae plant or the Rose of Sharon may be viable alternatives.

You can make your outdoor furniture choices exciting, perhaps making your neighbors feel envious during the process. These design ideas are popular choices to make your statement either with the help of new tech toys or with impressive plants that have become a functional fence in your lawn.