How You Can Make Changes to Your MN Home’s Landscaping

Have you wondered how to change your home’s landscaping?  Even though another Minnesota winter is right around the corner, you’re still able to get started on making some changes.   It’s a great time to take a good look at the yard around you. Consider all of the changes that you would like to make, write them down, and then get started on planning ahead for the upcoming spring. Being prepared is essential when you would like to have the best looking landscape in the neighborhood.

Start by going out into your yard – take a nice, long look at it. Really see it for what it is now. You want to look at the quality of the grass first. Does it look healthy, revived, lush and green or even refreshed? Are there spots of brown, or perhaps places where grass has not grown for some time? Did you give it a good watering this fall? The lawn is one of the most noticed things about a home’s landscaping. You should take care of the lawn first and foremost before planning the rest of your landscaping design.

IMG_0242-crop-200Next, consider adding extras that people can look at – things that are beautiful and make your yard stand out. This can be anything from flowers to trees. You can also add water features, furniture or outdoor statues.  Choose elements that make it your own. Consider where you’d like to place these things, and where people might be able to admire them when you do.

Have you considered adding landscape lighting throughout the yard? Would you like to make your home stand out more when the sun sets? You could you place walkway lighting that not only illuminates your paths but provides added safety.  Landscape lighting can also highlight features in your yard such as a majestic tree or a garden fountain.  Placing lighting throughout your landscape not only makes the house stand out more but it also provides a dramatic, beautiful effect.

If you’re thinking about making changes to your yard, now is the time to plan. By getting started now, you can get a jump start on spring projects so you can enjoy the results throughout the beautiful, warm months of summer. Speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We offer a free initial design consultation for those who are ready to make the change. We are a licensed Minneapolis MN landscaping contractor and we specialize in bringing landscape dreams to life.  not sure where to start? Take a look at some of the landscaping ideas that are on our Pinterest boards for inspiration, and then give us a call.  952.292.7717.