How to Properly Winterize Your Hot Tub

oct1001e5Although you may still be using your outdoor hot tub or spa, before much longer it will be time to shut it down for the winter.  Most of the damage that hot tubs go through has to do with them not being properly winterized before the snow hits. It can become costly if the damage is due to freezing.

Hot tubs and spas are a great way to add a relaxing spot to your yard as well as giving you more options for entertaining.  While they do have advantages, they require proper care and maintenance at different times of the year to keep them working properly.

If you choose to close down your hot tub on your own – make sure to take care. If you have any doubts or questions, contact a professional hot tub and spa contractor. Here are the basics for prepping your hot tub or spa for a long Minnesota winter.

Winterizing Your Outdoor Hot Tub or Spa

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker that is connected to the spa. Unplugging the unit will also help. Remove the hard thermal cover and drain the spa out. Use a garden hose to maneuver the water to where you would like to go or a submersible pump. Leave the drain spout open once the water is out.
  2. Locate the heater on the spa and turn it off. Replace the cover and turn the circuit break on or plug it back up. Run the air blower in the spa for around 30 seconds. This blows out the remaining water left in the spa.
  3. Remove the cover and soak up any water left inside the spa. You can use a mop, shop vac or towels to do this. Make sure all water is removed. Remove the filter and dry that out then leave a towel in the bottom of the footwell to soak up any water that might enter into it.
  4. Press the TEST button on the ground fault circuit interrupter on the spa equipment pack to trip it.
  5. Turn off the circuit breaker in the home that is used for the spa. Unplug it as well.
  6. Unscrew anything on the spa equipment that will be able to be unscrewed. Water will come out as you loosen each of them. Leave the fittings unscrewed and remove drain plugs from the pump housing. Drain out the filter canister and heater and remove the drain plugs found in there.
  7. Blow out the water left behind in the jet piping. The jets should be wide open while blowing air into them. Once all of the water comes out of each of the openings and is blown out, there is little chance that water is left over to freeze.
  8. Put the hard cover back on the unit and secure it to the spa so the wind will not remove it.
  9. Secure the equipment hatch to ensure that no wires or other equipment is hanging out. Small animals might be able to get into these areas and ruin them if they are not properly closed.
  10. Install a winter spa cover or other type of winter tarp over the hard thermal cover to ensure that water is not able to get into the seam and onto the hard cover.

For more landscaping tips, tricks or just to get your landscape in order for the upcoming winter season, give us a call at Architectural Landscape Design. We will be able to get you the information you need or a beautiful design for your yard.  No hot tub or spa?  We can fix that for you, too!  We’re a professional pool and spa contractor for the Minneapolis area.