Healthful Produce to Include in Your Garden Plantings

If you’re like most gardeners, when you plan your beds you want to make the most of every inch.  That’s especially true with fruit and vegetable gardens.  With so many types to select from, not to mention a wide range of varieties within each type, how do you choose?  Many produce gardeners base their garden plans on the fruits and vegetables their families eat most often.  Others lay out beds specifically for salads, while some choose produce designed for canning.

Here’s another option to consider – selecting fruit and vegetable varieties based on their healthfulness.  We could all probably use another serving or two of veggies in our diets, and when the weather warms up, there’s nothing like fresh produce from your own yard.  If you’ve ever eaten a tomato fresh off the vine, still warm from the sun, you know what we mean.  Sunset Magazine has a good informative article on the top healthy fruits and vegetables, along with beautiful pictures of each.  If there are some here that you’ve never eaten (or grown), maybe this year is the time to expand your horticultural horizons!  No matter how small your space, you probably have room for one of these delicious and good-for-you varieties.

Planning gardens that fit your space and complement the design of your home as well as your lifestyle sometimes presents challenges.  If you’re not sure what fruits and vegetables would work well in your landscape, consult a professional landscape designer