Having a MN Landscape Design That is Low Maintenance Can Be Wonderful

There is a lot that goes into landscaping such as the price and who you will get to do it for you, as well as the final appearance. However, you may not consider the maintenance that comes along with it. Time can be essential for a lot of people and putting in lots of hours and hard labor into yard upkeep might not be on their to-do list. This means choosing a landscape design that doesn’t demand all of your time is a must.

What a Low-Maintenance Landscape Plan Can Do For Your Mpls Yard

IMG_8236 (2)Here are some things that a MN landscape designer might suggest to make your yard maintenance much easier.

  • We can recommend long-lasting, high quality materials.  These can limit the amount of time you spend, but might boost costs in the beginning. However, it can be worth it in the long run because you won’t need to replace it as quickly.
  • You might choose to keep the lawn to a small area.  With raking, edging, cutting and other things, you may be spending more time on your lawn than necessary. You may choose to replace some space using different methods such as shrubs, trees, rocks and so on. Moss, ground covers, or natural grass can also be minimum maintenance choices to replace some or all of your turf.
  • Many garden plants are high maintenance; choosing lower-maintenance plants in the landscape can help overall, and they look just as beautiful. Finding plants that adapt easily and are more tolerant to weather changes can help you keep them looking fresh throughout the year easily.  Generally native plant species require much less attention than other varieties.
  • Consider putting in a rock garden.  Instead of putting in a mass of flowering and foliage plants, go for some unique stones or boulders in the area. There is no watering, trimming or pruning that needs to be done with rocks.
  • Arrange plants in large clusters.  Mowing and trimming can become easier when they are all together, and it also helps to keep plants dense and growing.


Architectural Landscape Design is able to implement a Minneapolis low-maintenance landscape design that is perfect for your yard and your lifestyle. Give us a call today to discuss what you’re trying to achieve.  While it may be too late in the year to put in new plants, trees, and other elements, it’s a great time to begin planning for changes in the spring.