How a Waterfall Can Elevate Your Garden without Breaking the Budget

The sound of trickling water is almost universally pleasant, from listening to the rushing waves of the beach, to a small mountain creek trickling down the rocks as the spring snows melt down to the rivers. Many homeowners are capturing this beauty by installing a waterfall directly into their own backyard, where they can listen to the peaceful droplets of water falling on water at whatever time of day or night that suits them.

Inspired waterfalls can be viewed all over the internet, and there are some incredible accomplishments and beautiful examples of what a waterfall can bring to your backyard. However, having a waterfall in your backyard can bring you all the benefits you are looking for in a water feature, without breaking the bank, as long as you put a little forethought into your outdoor planning.

Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Waterfalls

Many waterfalls are built right into the land, taking advantage of a gentle slope or hill, but many homeowners don’t have a sloping yard they can use, and there are professional landscapers who will want to build up a slope to install a waterfall, which is a costly and time consuming process. Instead, to have an affordable waterfall in your garden, you should begin to think small in size, with which you can still get your beautiful trickling sounds and peaceful view.

One option is to build up a waterfall behind a rock structure, and you can purchase a pre-cast concrete form in the shape of rocks. These are compact and easy to install over a pond or water surface, but there are even better options available if you are still looking.

The best part of this option is the impressive amount of customization you can input into your design, so your waterfall is sure to look and feel exactly the way you want it.

A final option is to consider using cascading water instead of a genuine waterfall, sending water over decorative items and design features such as mirrors or painted clay pots for a beautiful look that adds style to your yard as well.

Benefits of a Home Waterfall

There are several ways in which a waterfall can benefit your property.

Sustainable Environment for Wildlife

A waterfall can be a eco-friendly option that offers nutrition for birds, animals, insects, and more in the comfort of your backyard, and the flowing water even negates the problem of mosquitoes that plague ponds in summertime. In addition, the nutrient-rich waters of the waterfall can also be used to water a home garden without wasting precious purified water, and unlike pools and hot tubs, toxic chemicals aren’t required to maintain the waterfall.

Family Time Fun

A waterfall provides a focal feature in your backyard that is also a place for your immediate and extended family and friends to gather in the beautiful and fresh outdoor air. The insects and plants that grow near water provides an opportunity for education for younger children, and older teenagers and elders will find an interesting place to relax nearby after a family barbecue.

Relaxing and Tranquil Spot

The flowing sound of water is well-known for its ability to relax and wash away the stresses of our hectic lives, and you can have access to that tranquil peace in the comfort of your very own backyard, without outside influence or interference. In addition, the sound of flowing water helps to curb traffic and urban noises, so you can really put yourself away from the busy sounds of civilization.

Waterfalls Brings You Home to Peaceful Relaxation

No matter where you live, or what your goals are, having a quiet place of beauty and relaxing sounds of nature wherein you can relax is a universal desire among almost all humans. Of course, once you have a waterfall, you might want to turn your attention to other striking features to compliment the piece as well, such as lighting and landscaping.