Garden Structures Give Flat Landscapes A Lift

If a garden doesn’t have any change in it’s grade or level that can be quite uninteresting. Short of regrading the property what can you do? You can add garden structures that range from small to very big to change the view. Adding various structures like obelisks, arches, and pergolas can make a significant difference.
These are not new ideas; they have been used since Egyptian and Roman times. They provide interest and vertical space for climbing flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Plus they add structure to the garden over the winter as they provide focal points against whatever trees and shrubs you have planted.
Obelisks are often referred to as the punctuation marks in a garden. They can be used to make you stop completely at the end of a path, or be placed in a bed to interrupt the flow of planting. They can be made of wood, wire, or reflective or matte metal. They can be painted to blend or add accent colors with your plantings.
A single arch can make a very visual entrance to a garden. They can also be made to frame a picture you want your visitors to see, like a piece of sculpture. Arches can be added that are made of wood, metal or wire. They can be as wide as a walkway or six to eight feet wide creating a sitting area for two chairs or a bench. They can be planted with trailing roses or other climbing plantings.
Arches can also be installed to go over quite a length of a walkway and be planted as a focal point. They can be constructed from brick pillars, wood poles, or from metal, like steel girders. It can also become a tunnel as it grows from just three feet to go as far as fifteen feet plus.
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