Garden Floors: Stone, Wood, Concrete…What to Pick?

There is an ever-increasing choice of materials available for use on garden floor surfaces. Those surfaces include decks, driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks, fireplaces, and retaining walls to name a few garden features. You can add texture and color to the fabric of your garden by selecting the right materials.  ut, all of these choices can make it complicated.

Knowing their applications and how they look, and work best individually, or together in our climate is something that we can do to help you. At Architectural Landscape Design our experienced landscape designers can help you with your choice. We know what these materials look like, how they can be used to make patterns and add to your total landscape plan.

Natural Stone continues to be the crème de la crème of paving materials.Sandstone and limestone are popular because the stone can be split into flat pieces. They also develop a weathered patina since algae, moss, and lichens grow on it. Bluestone is also very popular. Slate paving glistens after a rain, and can be used by itself or in panels around brick or granite setts. Granite is the most hardwearing stone, but the cost makes its use sometimes limited to areas of detail only.

Wood or timber is a great option because as part of nature it blends with plants or trees around it. Timber can be laid in a variety of ways to create interesting effects and patterns. In addition to decks and patios, timber can also be used for creating wooden platforms or boardwalks to create or access outdoor living spaces.

Concrete is the most versatile material. It can be used for sidewalks, steps, driveways, and patios. It can have the look of brick, slate, block paving and be colored to name a few finishes. It can be inlaid with bricks and pebbles to create patterns. It can also come in concrete paving slabs.

Pavers (Setts) range from concrete cast pavers to natural stone granite pavers or setts as they are also called.

In order to build any of these garden surfaces whether they are be brick or stone pathways,  retaining walls, or  terraces it requires the skill of experienced people, plus the equipment. We have all experience in all of these surfaces, just contact us at Architectural Landscape Design today to discuss your plans. Call 952-292-7717.