Four Stylish Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Options

Are you in need of lighting to keep your home looking good even at night? Landscape lighting enhances the look of your home, makes it safer, and also highlights the beauty of your carefully curated design.

The right option for a contentious homeowner is to select low voltage landscape lighting when making a choice to illuminate your house. Once you’ve decided to purchase low voltage landscape lighting, it is just a matter of choosing the right look for your home.

Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Now more than ever, low voltage landscape lighting comes recommended by professionals. They are easy to install, the risk of shock is lower, and the design options are varied. Traditional line voltage options need an electrician for installation in some cases! If you are committed to quality landscape design, go with low voltage for the following reasons:

  • No need to use wiring as a conduit for electricity
  • Operates safely in areas that are wet
  • Don’t worry about pets digging or children playing in your yard
  • Allowing for variety in bulbs or lighting fixtures due to design flexibility
  • More cost effective, both in electricity costs and upfront costs
  • Add a touch of elegance to the design of your yard
  • Less disruption to install

#1 Low Voltage Landscape Mushroom Light

This classic style light is shaped like a mushroom, which means the light from the bulb is directed downward during the night. A low voltage mushroom light rests in your landscaping planters, along pathways, and even in themed areas. This warm light makes your home beautiful and highlights your beautiful yard design 24/7.

The most typical finish for a mushroom light are black, bronze, cast iron, and other metal options. Before purchasing, look at the voltage of the light to see if the bulb is bright enough for your needs.

#2 Low Voltage Spotlight

Illuminate a tree, define the shape of your home, or add definition to your yard when the sun is down with a low voltage spotlight. The typical low voltage spotlight has a beam you can angle as you wish. For homeowners with professionally-designed yards, spotlights allow you to highlight water features or a backyard pool, the front porch, an entryway, large trees, or even a birdbath. If there is an architectural focal point in your yard, a spotlight gets the job done!

#3 Low Voltage Post Lights

When arranged in the right locations, low voltage post lights add to the design of your home and also lights up your yard as needed. Instead of low walkway lights, you can add posts and cap them with lights. These can be arranged to highlight features in the yard as well.  

#4 Low Voltage Half Moon Lighting

Half-moon lighting is popular to use on stairways and on decks as well. With a few small lights, you can fully define features in your front and backyard spaces. Some homeowners just add a few to steps but some use half-moon lighting to completely illuminate the edges of a deck, patio, or pool.

No matter your preference for design, low voltage lighting looks beautiful in a front or back yard. Consult with a landscape design professional if you wish to install all low voltage lighting to your home’s exterior.