Fire Water Table

Patented by Architectural Landscape Design Inc., the second-generation fire and water table will be a centerpiece of any outdoor event. First introduced at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show in 2016, the fire and water table is something that you need to see to believe – and you will be able to do so at the 2017 convention. The fire elements integrate seamlessly into the hardscape, giving it an almost ethereal ambiance to any fixture. It is a perfect outdoor item that will give your events dramatic flair, with the water and fire table finding itself on many patios and decks.

The water and fire table stand at chest length, allowing you to bring out your favorite chairs and stools around it. Even though it may be daunting at first, the water and fire table is made with safety in mind. The fire is substantiated with a gel base, with a glass enclosure for safety. You will be able to see bubbling water right at the surface.

The water and fire table is part of Architectural Landscape Design’s custom stone furnishings, where all raw materials are hand selected and incorporated into the production of each table. All aspects of the fire and water table are made with care and precision, ensuring safety while preserving its “wow” factor.

Booth #629 – Minneapolis Home and Garden Show

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show will occur between February 24-26, and March 3-5, with the Architectural Landscape Design team standing in at booth #629. The trade show will give you the opportunity to meet up with your favorite designers and landscapers, giving homeowners and contractors the opportunity to meet up with their favorite companies as well as provide local businesses the chance to meet up with Minnesota’s most talented designers.

The exhibition shows are going to touch upon many of the new technologies and innovations that have galvanized the home renovation industry. The Architectural Landscape Design team will be sharing spaces with the likes of tiny home village influencers and figureheads from HGTV.

Getting the Most Out of the Minneapolis Home and Garden Trade Show

Register and buy tickets early on to ensure your spot at the trade show To get the most out of your experience, make sure that you have a strategy in mind. There are going to be hundreds of companies at the trade show. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when visiting such a large trade show:

What is the upkeep of the fire and water table?

What sort of solutions do I need for my home renovation issues?

Can the water and fire table be used in the front or back yard? Is it up to personal preference?

Are the flames literally floating atop the water? Why is the water bubbling?

What are the associated costs of the table? Do I need some sort of insurance?

These are all valid questions that you can ask us in person at booth #629.

When Arriving at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show ask for a brochure as well as a map of the facility. This will give you the opportunity to pace yourself while visiting the exhibition. Even though it is a multi-day event, homeowners and networking professionals can quickly be caught up in conversation and not experience the full breadth of the convention center.

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