Extend Your Outdoor Seasons with Heat

When the temperature starts going down in the evening that is no reason to shorten a meal or go inside. You want your guests to be comfortable so aside from passing out blankets what can you do? There are several options to consider that our MN landscape designers and architects would be happy to review and make a plan that meet’s your needs.

You can install an outdoor fireplace so your alfresco dining and outdoor living can continue into the night and the next season. You can locate it on the edge of a patio, against a wall, or even in a corner to make it cozy. These can be used year around: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer! You can add areas for wood storage underneath so in the winter you don’t have to trek out to some remote woodpile to stoke the fire. You can also add stone ledges or mantels to the fireplace. This provides the opportunity for outdoor seasonal decorations and holiday lighting, plus a good place to put drinks.

Fire pits with a pile of logs burning in the middle are simply mesmerizing. It takes you back to roasting marshmallows, campfires, and camping. Fire pits can be sunk totally in the ground or built half way out of the ground with a retaining wall structure built from natural stones. You can have some fun and break away from the traditional round shape and go oblong to make it bigger allowing for more people to sit around it. If you want to go a step further have some stone built furniture, like sofas and chairs around the fire pit that you can add cushions and blankets to for that cozy campfire sleeping bag feel.

A fireplace or fire pit can add a fantastically fiery focal point to your yard call 95292-7717 to add some more warmth to your yard.