Transform Your Yard With Landscape Excavation

If you’ve ever looked out your window and weren’t thrilled by what you saw, landscape excavation could be what you need. Transform your lawn with landscape excavation by reforming terrain, adding features, and installing proper drainage.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all of the main options that excavation opens the doors to. Plus, we’ll review some of the fine details about things you’ll need to consider before you select a company to perform landscape excavation on your property. You’ll soon be one major step closer to having the lawn of your dreams.

What Landscape Excavation Can Do For You

Excavation is a wide-ranging world. Some use it to bring out brighter lawns or a better garden. Others use it to reform their land and create a different world. 

Whatever your landscaping excavation needs are, we’re here to help you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

Add Features

It can be easy to get stuck in the status quo. Seeing beyond the obvious can sometimes take a talented eye that will work in unison to understand what you want and bring it to life.

Landscape excavation can turn a drab plot into a lively, inviting space. You can add depth to nearly any area by reforming the terrain. Level out the space you want to use comfortably and turn challenging slopes into eye-catching features.

Some of the typical features that landscape excavation can add include:

  • Custom patios ready for any event
  • Water features add that special touch
  • Beautiful retaining walls combining form and function

Install Drainage

Another way you can transform your lawn with landscape excavation is one that you’ll never notice, which is a good thing. When you select ALD to take care of your landscaping goals, we’ll use excavation and drainage techniques that ensure the longevity of your selection.

Drainage is a vital component of the health of any lawn, garden, or landscape. Every high-quality landscaping plan must come with the right approach to dealing with runoff and ensuring that your lawn can get the care it needs without having water accumulation problems.

Some of the most common drainage considerations include:

  • French drains or curtain drains: Deep trenches with perforated piping and landscaping textile
  • Re-grading: Adjust the levelness and shape to carefully direct water runoff
  • Rain gardens: A large depression filled with a planted garden to absorb rainwater

By bringing in our equipment, we’ll tackle the landscaping excavation quickly to add the drainage underneath before covering it all and bringing your wildest dreams to life. Most importantly, you can be confident that your lovely space will withstand the elements.

Making Minor Adjustments

Although sometimes it’s unnecessary, it can be worth using excavation equipment to tackle relatively minor adjustments. By bringing out the big guns, ALD can quickly modify your space before the seasons change.

If you aren’t happy with your lawn, garden, or other vegetation but like the overall landscape layout and terrain, you might be a good candidate for a minor approach for excavation.

We can quickly remove the old aspects to make way for the new. Excavation equipment can rip out the grass by the root to create a stunning garden. Other vegetation can be modified as you see fit, all with the utmost precision and speed.

Considerations Before Excavation

Before we start tearing things up and bringing out serious gear, there are some things you’ll want to consider. We are always here to help you through the process, and our experts can likely resolve any concerns you have.

Area and Budget

Two anchors to any project are the area you’re working with and the overall budget. Landscape excavation can be a surprising way to maximize both beyond what you might think. Let go of the dead weight and feel the freedom.

Of course, every property has dimensions and borders. But using landscape excavation can add depth and enjoyment to even the oddest-shaped spaces. A keen eye can make the impossible into reality.

Budgetary concerns are a certainty with any project. But excavation goes beyond other approaches:

  1. Using speed to save you money
  2. Leveraging wallet-friendly creativity to transform your space
  3. Adding long-term benefits that increase the value of your property


Sadly, some landscaping companies fail to look past the horizon. But with ALD, you can rest assured that your landscaping is created and built to last.

Our process starts with listening to your desires. By putting the customer first, we can create spaces that feel like an extension of your personality. From there, our expert team creates detailed, well-curated plans that not only hit what you’re looking for but will also ensure the long-term health of the transformation.

Through this methodical approach that includes adequate drainage, considerations for all elements, and accounts for other downstream consequences, you will know your landscape investment is protected.

Company Equipment

You need to know that a company has what it takes to take the job to the finish line. And when you want to transform your lawn with landscaping excavation, the company equipment must be up to snuff.

By using the proper equipment, you can be sure the job will be quick and before the seasons change. Some changes must be made rapidly to ensure vegetation roots before winter rolls around. And even if that’s not the case, no one wants to sit around with messy landscaping waiting for the job to be complete.

ALD has the right equipment for nearly any job. We can carefully tread on delicate surfaces or bring in heavy-duty machines to rapidly modify your landscape, add features, or make those minor tweaks you’ve always wanted but don’t want to deal with downtime.

Wrap-Up: Transform Your Lawn With Landscape Excavation

There’s no need to start looking around for another house if you’re unhappy when you look out your window. Instead, turn to transform your lawn with landscape excavation.

You can add many new features that will wow your guests and make you feel more at home than ever before. Or you can use excavation to add drainage, protect your investment, and ensure its health.

If you’re ready to find out how landscaping excavation can help you, call us today. ALD is ready to listen to your ideas and bring them to life. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly experts is eager to help you from start to finish, making the process as quick and painless as possible.