Making Your Dream Woman Cave a Reality

After the concept of man caves became popular, women caves caught on as well. Women who want their own space to decompress or hang out can make their dream a reality by designing their own woman cave.

Whether you are building a brand-new space or redesigning a space you already have, here are some of the top features you will want in your woman cave.

Desks, Vanities, and Tables

Many women who want a woman cave are looking for a quiet space to work, craft, explore hobbies or get ready in peace. Depending on what purpose your woman cave is going to serve, having a flat surface to work on is essential.

When you are planning your woman cave, it is important to measure your space and create a detailed plan for the furniture you will need. For women who have hobbies that require a lot of space but don’t have the option in their woman cave, designing a multi-functional room can help make it happen. Building tables that fold into the walls, or having a desk that is big enough to be a desk and a table, or having slide-out tables, are all options to help utilize space.

Plenty of Storage

Most women wish for more storage in their houses. Whether you want a place to store your shoes, jewelry, make-up, crafts, or books, having plenty of storage space is a great idea. Some women want a woman cave just for the sake of having one and will create their space in a closet or other small area, but for most women, that doesn’t work.

If you are building your woman cave, make sure to include plenty of room for storage, and if you are making a woman cave from space, you already have, plan for storage areas that will store everything you want and need in there. Having a unique space with all of the things you desire will give you extra peace and comfort, and make your area that much more valuable.

Think Soothing Thoughts

When you picture a space that belongs just to you, what do you see? Do you see it being a place that is a peaceful and soothing retreat after hectic days? Or are you looking for a quiet place to relax and read a book when you are stressed? Defining what your woman cave space is going to be for you will help you figure out how you want your area to be designed.

When you are considering different color options, flooring choices, and lighting options, it is important to find items that will create the exact space you crave. For some women, their man cave will be used to work late into the night. For those women, having bright lights and bright colors can help make the room feel energized. For other women who want to read, nap, or just relax, dark tones and natural wood and stone looks can bring a peaceful feeling into the room.

Comfortable Seating

Chaise lounges, huge bean bags, or even a reading nook filled with pillows are good options for a comfortable and relaxing space to decompress. Ergonomically friendly office chairs are exceptional for working. While man caves are typically furnished with couches or recliners so they can relax, enjoy a good movie, or hang with friends, many women you create their own space, like for it to be a sanctuary they can retreat to alone. Finding the perfect setting for your area will add a nice finishing touch to your space.

Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves to have a space that is their own, where they can unwind, relax, and reset. A man cave may look different from a woman cave, but each person’s space will also be unique to everyone else. One of the greatest things about having a cave to yourself is that your area can be designed to correctly express who you are, and offer everything you want and need in your own space.