What You Need To Know About Custom Stone Furniture

Custom Stone Furniture

You want your home’s landscaping to stand out. You want it to be different. You’ve spent nights dreaming about the perfect outdoor space to relax, entertain guests, or escape to when you need a break. What you’re really looking for are custom designs that put the finishing touches on a vision you’ve had for a while. Custom stone furniture creates a look and feels like no other. The unique craftsmanship that goes into these furnishings are second to none and are the only way to make sure your tastes are met.

Custom stone furniture is versatile because well, it’s custom. Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece, a dynamic table, even seating options — stone can offer a truly natural aesthetic. Plus, stone requires little to no maintenance, making it a longterm solution.

What better way to awe your guests than with a beautifully designed stone furnishing? Your furniture should be an extension of your landscape, and custom stone furnishings do just that.

What To Consider

If you’ve settled on creating custom stone furnishing, you either know exactly what you want, or you need some help getting started. There are a few things you should consider when it comes down to creating your ideal stone furniture. Try and think about the following during your decision process.

  • The function of the furniture
  • The durability of your design
  • The colorway that matches your current aesthetic
  • The extravagance you want to invoke

Having as much information about what you want your furniture for and how you want it to look will go a long way. The planning phase is the most important step for whomever you hire to create your unique piece. A trusted landscape designer with stone furniture experience will have premade pieces along with the ability to make custom furnishings. Creating custom pieces is a two-way street, so being prepared with your preferences is always recommended.

Picking The Right Stone

Pick The Right Stone

One of the best ways to be prepared is to know which type of stone you prefer. There are a lot of options out there, each of which has its own benefits. Many people think of stone furniture as simply cement. While it can be, there are a lot of other great options available. Granite, marble, and even quartz can give your furniture a new life and luxury.


You’ll often see this material used for countertops, and it’s for a good reason. It’s durable, scratch and heat resistant, and looks absolutely incredible. Granite also comes in many different colorways, giving you a lot of creative freedom when it comes to the look and feel that you’re going for. Its smooth surface makes it perfect for flat surfaces and is also super easy to repair in the rare case that it chips.


If you’re on the hunt for a stone with a timeless look and an impossible to imitate aesthetic — marble is what you’re looking for. It’s a great material for outdoor furniture due to its high resistance to impact and inclement weather. It’s also surprisingly affordable, depending on the size and thickness you want. Marble is softer than other stones like granite, which gives you a bit more freedom in custom designs.


If you want the most extensive selection of colors, quartz is your go-to solution. While it’s not as hard as marble or granite, it is still very durable. It is also non-porous, which makes it great for areas that may be prone to staining. Unfortunately, quartz isn’t as heat resistant as other stone materials, so keep that in mind if your planning on areas that may have hot pots or pans.

Types Of Stone Furniture For You

Perhaps you already know what you want, or you’re looking for a bit of inspiration. You might be surprised what kinds of furniture creations are made using stone.


Stone top tables are a fantastic way to separate your furnishings from the pack. From patio and outdoor dining tables to stone top side tables and outdoor kitchens — there’s a ton of ways you can use custom stone design to your advantage. Custom stone tables are a great way to be bold.

For example, our very own Elements Fire and Water Table combines stone, water, and fire for a stunning feature that is sure to be a conversation starter. Perfect for Minnesota weather, this table gives off both beauty and heat for the ultimate centerpiece. 


Chair Stone Furniture

Stone chairs are only fitting for your stone top table. Individual stone chairs, benches, or custom designs are all a possibility. Custom stone chairs mean that you have the freedom to really get creative and let your ideas shine. You and your designer can make some truly inspirational creations.

Custom Stone Decor and Accessories

Custom stonework isn’t limited to just chairs and tables. There are a ton of creative ways stone is used to add charm and a natural aesthetic to your landscape design.

  • Custom stone fireplace or fire pits
  • Custom stone fountains
  • Focal art pieces

The world is your stone oyster. If you can dream it, a competent and experienced stone design team can create the perfect solution for you.

Looking For Some Help?

Perhaps you know what you want, or you’re looking for a push in the right direction, either way, we can help. We’ve created a wide variety of custom stone furnishings and are always open to new ideas and new challenges.

Contact us today if you’re interested in beautiful custom stone furniture.