Critical Questions to Ask When Interviewing Commercial Landscape Services

With winter setting in, landscaping installation is on hold around the Minneapolis area, but it’s the perfect time for planning changes for spring.  This is a great season for business and commercial property owners to evaluate their landscaping needs and talk with a landscape contractor about possible projects.

Everyone knows how valuable great landscaping is – and that’s not just for homes but for businesses, too.  Most often people form an impression about your business from the way it looks on the outside.  Is your business putting its best foot forward?

Wise property owners also know how valuable it is to find a landscaper who is exceptional, capable of assisting with everything from basic maintenance of your outdoor areas to new design and installation.   For this reason, we suggest five questions that should be asked before hiring any new services for commercial landscaping. Utilizing these questions help guide in choosing the landscape company that best fits your businesses needs while at the same time helps you address concerns regarding budget.

How many years have they been in business?

If they answer at least ten, this most likely is an indicator they have a good track record. For other good indicators that they are reliable, ask them to provide references from commercial clients that are satisfied and had comparable work done. Additionally, inquire about support staff working full time with their company.  Installation is just the first step – you want to make sure you’ll get follow-up help when needed.

What services are offered by the commercial landscape company?

Inquire about range of services offered. Landscapers who work full time offer more than basic maintenance, such as irrigation, new installations, and many more services. Most businesses prefer to use one landscape company for all their needs rather than using different individuals or companies.

Is there a schedule that will be followed with work being performed?

A landscape contractor you hire should provide time frames for completion for each project. They should also have ongoing communication while performing services. It is important to be updated on all scheduling changes.  A good commercial landscaping contractor knows the importance of staying on schedule so that any disruption or inconvenience at a place of business is minimal.

How do I keep an approach that is cost effective while weighing factors of meeting my project’s requirements?

It is important to discuss with each potential landscaper the best ways of achieving your goals. During these discussions, make note of budgetary restrictions, making sure you are clear up front about costs. Learn what each proposal entails and what they do not  include. There are times landscape companies do not specify value-added services. There are other companies which leave certain costs intentionally out, adding it on your bill later after securing the job.

Do they have liability insurance and workman’s comp?

The landscape company you choose should have both general business insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. Insurance policies need to have general liability, protecting your property in the off chance something happens which damages it. If a worker has an accident, you should be protected with their worker’s comp coverage.

If it’s time to talk about your commercial landscaping needs, contact Architectural Landscape Design for answers to all your questions.  We are a licensed MN landscape design and installation contractor, and we offer a wide range of landscaping services for both homes and businesses.