Crafting a Backyard Oasis to Be the Envy of the Neighbors

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The backyard oasis is a renovation project that many homeowners wish they could create. Thankfully, with a bit of preparation and know-how, you can recreate the ideal spot to decompress. However, you want this retreat to be more than just a place to enjoy a calm moment; you want it to pique the interest of your neighbors – perhaps even make them feel envious. Here is how you can do just that with these unique landscape ideas for your backyard.

Backyard Oasis and Accessories

There are quite a few different ways to transform your property. Below, we’ll outline a few of our favorites.

Mysterious Glowing Globes

Glowing outdoor globes will get your neighbors peeking out their windows to see what is glimmering in your backyard. They add an ethereal touch to your yard. Surprisingly, they are relatively easy to make. You could use them to create a pathway in your backyard or as accent lighting in designated entertainment areas. Each glowing orb costs only a few dollars to make, as they are made with re-purposed products.

The Backyard Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit will allow you to enjoy your yard year-round. During the summer months, it can be used as a makeshift grill, and during the winter months, it becomes a welcomed source of heat. You can go full out with a custom fire pit designed with retaining wall blocks. You also have the option of an in-ground fire pit. These look like the perfect fire pit and is the ultimate way to make your neighbors envious.

When choosing the right design, it is important to consider how much space you have in your backyard as well as your entertainment needs. Think about how often you will be using the fire pit. If you think your family is going to use a fire pit regularly, then an in-ground pit with a paver perimeter would be ideal. For more rustic aesthetic to your fire pit, a fire pit designed with retaining walls is a viable option.

The Garden Swing

Any swinging furniture will attract attention. Neighbors will wonder how it was installed, how much it cost, and what is the necessary upkeep. Thankfully, with projects like these, they can be made right at home without professional intervention. But if you don’t feel too comfortable working around tools, then swing sofas and arbor chairs can be custom ordered and installed for you.

It’s important that you get in contact with your code enforcement officer before you build any grandiose structure – including a large swinging chair. They will inform you if you need any permits to install it. The officer will also tell you how deep you need to install the boards to ensure that it is past the frost line.

A Vertical Wall Garden

Wall gardens are not only space-saving, but they can make even small spaces feel like a large sanctuary. This is due to the wall garden having the ability to attract upward gazes. To start a vertical wall gardening, it is important that you use a sturdy – preferably ugly – wall that will be covered by it. You do not need to necessarily consider the weight of the garden, unless you are installing a large garden of several dozen feet.

The plants that you choose to plant a vertical garden will be up to you and the current danger of frost. Thankfully, many companies have filled the demand for vertical gardens, with homeowners being able to purchase the correct tarp and irrigation system that works seamlessly together with the manufactured vertical garden. Some plants that do particularly well in vertical gardens include ferns, different types of berries, and native plants.

A Water Feature

The sound of water is relaxing, and is synonymous with an oasis. You can easily create a water feature with terra-cotta stones fixed with a hidden water pump. You also can design a small fish pond or fountain to transform your backyard into your designated relaxation spot. Or go all out and install a waterfall that flows into a pond with koi fish in it.

Once you finished designing your oasis, you can sit back and let your neighbors wonder about the new accessories and landscaping. Your grandiosity will pay itself in the form of admiration and inspiration from onlookers.