Commercial Landscaping Can Make Any Workplace a Happy Place

Though most people view landscaping and gardening as something that goes with a home, commercial landscaping does come with benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get from other things in the workplace. With the right commercial landscape design, you’re able to take away much more from the outside of the property than if you left it a blank slate. The area surrounding your place of business is where touches that bring out happiness, not only for those working within the building but for those that come to visit as customers or for other purposes.

Research has shown that with the right landscaping, employees are happier to come to work, and their work performance increased. By being able to look and even sit outside in nice weather, with beautiful scenery to enjoy, those studied indicated they had feelings of tranquility and happiness.  Landscaping touches came make your workplace more enjoyable, and a pleasant place to work contributes much to employee job satisfaction.

There were studies conducted by Texas A&M University on the environment around the workers and how they were affected by it. These studies showed that not only did the workers do better work and had better attitudes every day but also the customers were more patient and kind while there. This is a big boost compared to having drab scenery throughout the grounds. Changing your landscaping can have a tremendous affect on everyone.

By planting brightly colored plants and bushes around the building, or adding mulch and walkways, business can become more plentiful. People will drive by and want to stop by and see what your business does because of the way it presents itself. First impressions mean everything; make sure your business building doesn’t make a bad one by neglecting the exterior.

If you’re ready to have the scenery around your business building changed to look or feel different, it’s time to speak with us here at ALD. We provide not only the right design for your place of business, but also the right installation that is required to help you improve the attitudes and moods of everyone at your place of business. We are a licensed MN landscaping contractor serving the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, including western Wisconsin.