Cobblestone Walkway Installation and Maintenance

Though the snow may be covering your yard, it’s not to early to begin dreaming and planning for changes in your landscaping next spring.  One thing to consider is replacing your concrete sidewalks with a more rustic walkway.  Walkways are often the key to setting the mood of an area. One way to add charm and whimsy to your landscaping is by adding a cobblestone walkway.


When you’re installing the walkway, you’ll need to do some measuring, a supply of patience and an eye for detail.

  1. Dig:   Most walkways only need about one to two inches dug to make space for the stones. However, if there’s already a walkway there, it should be removed before starting the process.
  2. Make Sure It’s Level:   In order to be sure the final walkway looks good, the earth needs to be smooth at the beginning. There should be a slight grade to accommodate for water drainage.
  3. Base Layers:   For added drainage, set a layer of limestone gravel over the earth, then cover it with a weed barrier to discourage unwanted plant growth. Finally, spread sand over the cloth.  Again, level it out before moving on to the next step.
  4. Cobblestone:   Use a rubber mallet to gently set the stones into the sand, and make the pavers are level with each other. Don’t be afraid to adjust the amount of sand under each one.
  5. Mason’s Sand:   Pack the space between the stones with dry mason’s sand. Use as much as you need, because this is how you’ll stop the pavers from shifting. When you’re done, gently wet it with a generous supply of water. If more sand is needed when it dries, add more.


Caring for your walkway isn’t that difficult. You just need to watch for a few common problems.

  1. Weeds:   Pulling them or putting herbicide down early will make this problem easier to cope with.
  2. Broken or Crumbling Stones:   Tap the broken paver out gently, and replace it with a new one.
  3. Loosened Walkway:   Just apply more pavers sand if this starts to happen.

Too Expensive?

If real cobblestone is a little too pricey for your budget, you can still get the look with asphalt. This less expensive option is also less likely to suffer from as much damage.

A cobblestone pathway – whether it’s traditional or asphalt – is a beautiful way to add charm to any garden or yard.  If doing it yourself seems a little intimidating, contact us for a free consultation on professional installation.