Check Off These Items On Your March Outdoor To-Do List

Despite the weather, the calendar says spring is just around the corner here in Minnesota.

When it comes to the spring, a lot of people will be doing spring cleaning inside and outside of their homes. You want to make sure you’re one of these people, and that you do not forget or neglect certain areas around the home so you can make it look and feel its best.

Keep these landscaping tips for spring handy.  And keep our number handy as well – if you find that keeping up on your landscaping maintenance is more than you can handle, we now offer seasonal landscape maintenance.

Clean Up Your Yard: This is probably the number one thing that has to be done around the outside of a home. Cutting the grass, weeding, seeding and removing any dead plants are usually in order. Once you’ve got the dead stuff removed you’ll get a clearer idea of what is lacking in your landscape that you’d like to add this year.

Prep Your Garden Areas:  If you have a garden, now is the time to clean it out and get it ready to have more plantings put in it. After you’ve pulled out or trimmed back dead plants, add some great soil and compost or other fertilizer and make sure it is ready to go when those seeds and new plants are ready to be put in.

03mar03b2a16Prune Your Bushes and Trees: This should be done twice a year, and spring time is a great way to get them ready for the warmer months ahead. Using sharp pruning sheers, carefully go over those bushes that need it, and make sure they’re shorter for the coming months. (Get more pruning tips from one of our previous posts.)

As pruning times are different for each species, be sure to verify the best time and the proper way to prune so you don’t cut off branches that are about to flower.  Some plants should be pruned before flowering, some after, so if you’re not sure, check with your local nursery.

Add Mulch to the Necessary Areas:   If you have places around your home that have not seen high quality, new mulch since last spring, then you want to ensure that you top dress those areas with fresh mulch. Not only is this good for the soil in the area, but it is also ideal for the look and feel of your yard.

Boost Curb Appeal with New Landscaping:  Since spring is almost upon us, now is also the time to talk about some new landscaping ideas and get the planning done to have them implemented. You can change, add, or remove almost any points in your yard.   Maybe this year is a good year for change.

Now is the best time to prepare for your spring landscaping installation. Here are Architectural Landscape Design, we can help you plan and implement the perfect outdoor appearance and ensure that it is completely functional, as well. Let’s talk today.  Our initial design consultations are free and without obligation.  Contact us to schedule a meeting at your home.