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Aluminum vs. Wood: The Best Material to Build a Pergola

Have you ever experienced one of those sweltering summers where it feels like you just can’t get enough shade? That’s where pergolas can come into play. Pergolas are a trendy backyard landscaping element that offers relief from the shade by casting shadows in different directions throughout the day. Installing and maintaining a pergola is easy, especially when you pick out the right pergola materials to withstand the weather conditions in your local climate. Although wood pergolas were one of the first styles to explode onto the scene, more options are available now than ever before. We encourage you to select

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Save the Bees: Building A Bee-Friendly Garden

Everyone with a green thumb has heard of plants that attract butterflies to your garden and has probably planted a few of them in hopes of luring the delicately-winged guests to your garden. However, not as many people have heard of a bee garden. After one too many negative experiences with bees, people tend to avoid them  at all costs, but bees are vitally important for our ecosystem. And bees need our help. That’s why we will discuss the importance of these buzzing critters in our modern lives and how to build a garden that they will love. Why Are

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How to Design a Beautiful Lakefront Deck that Lasts a Lifetime

If you’re lucky enough to own a lakefront property, you want to take advantage of the view. It’s also nice to have a sturdy, comfortable outdoor area where you can enjoy the scenery. A well-built deck or patio can be a great addition and provide not only a great view, but also serve as a relaxing outdoor oasis. The key to constructing a deck or patio near the lake is to use materials and methods that keep it water-resistant. That’s why it’s best to solicit guidance from skilled professionals who can plan, engineer, and construct a deck that’s functional, stylish,

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It’s Never too Early to Make 2019 Landscaping Plans

It might seem far away, but 2019 is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start making landscaping plans. The number one rule of any contracting is that everything always takes longer than you think it will, which is especially the case with creating detailed landscaping plans. For you to prepare for executing in 2019 you need to start planning now and getting your ducks in order so that you can get started without any hiccups. The biggest mistake that you can make is leaving the planning to the last minute. Either it’s going to cause errors from

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7 Custom Stone Furniture Ideas to Spruce Up Your Yard This Summer

The official first week of summer is right around the corner, are you ready? If you’re like most people, you can’t wait to get outdoors and soak in the sun after the long Minnesota winter. If your yard seems like it needs a little pick me up, thinks about some new stone furniture. Custom stone furniture is beautiful, durable, lasts forever and can give your yard or patio a whole new look. Read on for some fresh ideas. Fire Pits A fire pit is a great way to extend the use of your yard into the cooler fall months, and

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How To Decorate With Custom Fire Rocks

Are you looking for a better way to decorate your backyard? If so, you might want to consider using fire rocks. Fire rocks can be a beautiful addition to your yard — especially if you use them in a fire pit or water feature. Not only do they look great, they also conduct heat more effectively. This post will show you what fire rocks are, and how to use them in your fire pit. What Are Fire Rocks? Fire rocks are made from lava rock. It is molded into different sizes and shapes. They are typically used to retain heat

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