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This Is The Genius Way To Plan Your Outdoor Room

Outdoor room planning can be insanely overwhelming. Why that is so may not be evident. Finding the sweet spot that works for you requires doing the one thing people naturally resist: Letting go. Human beings are wired to take control and put everything in order. That’s what architectural landscape design is all about. It’s placing a hand on Nature to make it work for a particular property and the people that inhabit or visit it. The challenge is finding the right balance of open and closed, light and dark, cool and warm, and wet and dry, to name a few

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3 Insider Landscaping Winterization Practices You Should Know

This is the time of year when the usual landscaping winterization practices have been completed. These seasonal routines amount to tidying up the landscape. Leaves are raked and loose branches and debris are picked up. This maintenance clears the deck for one last mowing to give that green canvas a crisp appearance. It’s a celebratory end of the season for homeowners. For professional horticulturists and arborists, this is when plans for springtime success begin. Harsh Minnesota winters can dump a truckload of challenges at ornamental landscapes. Implementing a few insider winterization practices, such as dormant pruning, wind barriers, and snow

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How Birds Can Brighten Up Your Yard This Coming Winter

Minnesota’s grey sky and snowy white color are undeniably majestic. Still, cabin fever from cold temperatures and short days without much light can make our winter environment feel a bit dreary. Thankfully, nature provides birds to add excitement and a range of lovely hues to help us stave off the winter doldrums. It is spectacular to see the bright red of a cardinal in the deep winter. Proper landscaping and winter preparation of your yard can help attract cardinals and other avian visitors all winter long. Landscape with The Right Trees and Shrubs Trees and shrubs are ideal places for

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6 Cost-Efficient Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard

Outdoor lighting can be a great addition to your backyard. They add both ambiance and security and are very versatile. You can highlight a specific planting or piece of garden décor, light a walkway, or add warmth to a dining or entertaining area. The possibilities are endless and thanks to today’s energy efficient lighting, they don’t have to break the bank. Getting Started The first thing to do is map out exactly what you want the lighting to accomplish. Do you want security lighting? Lighting for walkways to improve safety? Or are you looking at more decorative lighting for your garden,

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How to Keep Those Pesky Weeds from Overtaking Your Property

  So, you’ve put a lot of effort into that lush green lawn. Your garden is healthy and productive, and your flower beds are the pride of the neighborhood-but then you see it. A weed, and where there is one there are many more to follow. Weeds propagate rapidly and have deep and extensive root systems, which makes them more than a little difficult to eradicate. There is hope though! Read on to see how you can gain an advantage over those pesky weeds. Mulch Mulch is your yard’s best friend. It keeps weeds down and soils cool and moist.

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3 Incredible Ideas For Your Outdoor Areas

So you have already built the outside area of your dreams. You have the deck you have always wanted. You have even decorated it to perfection. Now what? How exactly will you use your deck? Good question. This post will give you three things you can do on your deck this year. Rest And Relaxation If you need a better way to relax, your deck can provide the perfect solution. In the spring and summer months, a relaxing patio can give you the ambiance you need to let the stress melt away. There are a few things you can do

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