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Our Unique ‘Elements’ Fire Pit/Fire & Water Table

Fire is an enthralling feature to add to any space. Its lively energy, mesmerizing flames, and downright stunning looks can keep you warm and entertained for hours. Now, easy-to-use fire tables can add this spark of fun nearly anywhere. Water brings a sense of peace and calm. It refreshes everything and allows life to thrive. Water is the base of nearly everything around us. And it’s an ideal way to balance out the fire in your life. When these two elements are fused, it’s a special treat certain to entertain and impress. The ALD Elements Water & Fire Table accomplishes

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Revive Your Patio With Inspiring Outdoor Furniture

If your patio feels a little drab, it can be tough to enjoy this outdoor space. A patio should be an oasis; no matter how big or small, there are always a few ways to make it a bit cozier.  With a bit of time, a budget, and some new outdoor furniture, you can bring vital life back to this often-neglected concrete slab. Here are some suggestions to help you determine which outdoor furniture looks right for your patio. How To Select the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Selecting the ideal furniture for your patio will depend on a few factors. You

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How To Choose the Best Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting goes beyond illuminating your home at night. Outdoor lights can elevate your home’s personality, highlight landscaping and architectural features, and define the ambiance around your home. Achieving the desired results with outdoor lighting requires careful planning and execution. It means knowing what lighting, warmth, and spacing you need to transform your patio or backyard. Here are helpful tips on choosing the best outdoor lighting solutions. Determine the Purpose of the Lighting Before choosing the outdoor lighting solution, you have to establish the goals you want to achieve. It could be illuminating your yard, highlighting landscaping features, or for

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Landscape Design Ideas From Around The World

It is the landscape architect or designer’s responsibility to integrate all outdoor living spaces and have them complement their adjoining indoor rooms. One reliable way of doing this is finding a theme that acts as connective tissue for all of the living spaces. Choose A Representative Theme And Celebrate It Every design theme has characteristics for which it is known, and many themes are representative of regions or cultures. These qualities serve as guardrails for landscape design ideas, such as avoiding costly rookie mistakes. For example, it’s not uncommon to have trouble selling a Florida home without a swimming pool.

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Landscaping Visions Come To Life: A Customer First Approach

Landscaping is a personal and creative endeavor that requires a unique approach to bring the customer’s vision to life. A one-size-fits-all approach is not adequate for the diverse needs of each individual property and its owner. That’s where a personalized, customer-first approach to landscaping sets companies apart from their competition. Customer Relationships Require A Shared Vision A customer’s vision begins with a conversation about how they plan to use their outdoor space, their desired budget, and their willingness to take on the maintenance it requires. This is not a discussion about the landscaping company’s capabilities, but rather, who they are

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Growing A Woman-Owned Landscaping Company: A Personal Account

  As a woman-owned and family-operated landscaping company, we understand the importance of balanced representation in our workforce. We believe that women in particular bring a unique perspective to our once traditionally male-dominated industry. This is a benefit for companies like ours that service high-end residential homeowners, and where women often are the primary decision-makers. The following describes some of the other benefits you can expect when you choose to work with a women-owned landscaping company. Women Are Natural Collaborators We believe in the power of collaboration. We understand that a successful landscape design requires teamwork and an understanding of

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